Significance and Reception of JKT48 at Java Jazz Festival

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. Nicolero says:

    I have to admit that it was disappointing that they did not perform in jazz-based arrangement, even D’Masiv which is not a jazz band changed their arrangement just for JJF.

    But well, there was no much free space when you can only sing and dance with minus-one.
    I hope when there is another chance they can do what their sisters at AKB do when it comes to jazz.

  2. raey says:

    FYI and CMIIW from sources that i get, it said that the offer to perform in JJF comes one week before the festival so theres not enough time to arrange, and practice the new arrangement and the dance in one week. I think they take a safer way by performing as usual than take a big risk by adding a jazz arrangement to their song without enough practice.
    Melody in her Gplus confirm that they have not enough time for preparation and she hope next year they can perform a jazz song

    • Nicolero says:

      That could ring a bell, maybe they were invited as an urgent step to gather more audiences. since this is the first time JJF decided not to use tobacco brand anymore, which means less monetary support in Indonesia.

      • Jvalz says:

        Java Festival really need more audience to increase their income because they don’t have sponsor from cigarette company this year. There is another long term benefit for the JJF itself, JKT48 attract younger audience to the Java Jazz Festival that usually listen to pop music (they are not jazz lover), they could be converted to be a jazz lover inside that event. If they can be jazz lover, it means that more audience next year for the festival.

        Young generation are different from older generation. They live with something that called social media which can affect other younger generation and create an instant lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be good if “jazz lover” suddenly because a lifestyle or trend between younger generation? Just because invite them to the biggest jazz event in Indonesia?

        So chill out jazz lover. Your sacrifice in JJF will not be in vain. :D

      • Jvalz says:

        I’ve made mistake in my comment:

        It is written: “Wouldn’t it be good if “jazz lover” suddenly because a lifestyle or trend between younger generation?”

        It should be written: “Wouldn’t it be good if “jazz lover” suddenly become a lifestyle or trend between younger generation?”

  3. tomomo says:

    Well, good start for Javajazz this year. i hear some people ask why JKT48 gets a stage in Javajazz 2014.
    As long as i know, that’s Javajazz, the organizer is not only concern with Jazz but also try to introduce other genre.
    JKT48 brings a new genre this year.
    Some question for other, i read from other forum that JKT48 bring disaster to Javajazz. I don’t know what kind of disaster. Is someone know what happened? is it about JKT48 fans?

  4. indr@ says:

    I was there, surprisingly the audiences were very crowded, except there were no light stick and chant. JKT48 performance at Java Jazz will increase their exposure in Indonesia music industry, more or less they get many media attention because of the performance yesterday.

    FYI, the outdoor stage were not so crowded except when JKT48 perform there. So I think in general they get a positive reception from most non-fans audiences.

    Congratulations to JKT48 for performing at a international music festival for the first time.

    • tomomo says:

      read your comment prove me that JKT48 performance didn’t cause any disaster like i read from other forum hahahaha :-D
      I’m glad for their performance in Javajazz
      Ahh, i hope i can go there :(

  5. jpaaa says:

    I hope when u said jeje not there. Its not a bad indication. #code

    • Yui'aa says:

      Her twitter confirm, that she have school exams..

      • hhen says:

        but, a day before JKT48 perform, jeje go with sonya to watch JJF right? hupf

        • Yui'aa says:

          may be an indication that she wants out,
          but who do not have endurance, then it is the right of every person out or not of JKT48..
          Do not make things matter. it’s ridiculous..

  6. Pitra says:

    I still don’t get why lots of people on twitter complaining about JKT48 performed on a Java Jazz stage. They probably haven’t come to a JJF event since the past 4-5 years. JJF has been more pop than jazz since they moved the venue from JCC to Kemayoran. With bigger venue, they were going to need bigger audiences. Having only jazz performers would not entice younger audiences. So they mix pop performers to gather bigger attendances. Even if it was a jazz event, the EO would have the minimal quota of attendances. So probably a compromise would be make.

    Since that day, we have seen Jason Mraz, RAN, Afgan, Raisa, Joy Tobing, Marcel, Agnez Monica, Padhyangan Project performing pop songs, while there are also /RIF, Gigi, and other rock bands also performed on the stage. However though, even though it was more pop, the artists have tried to mix it up a bit with jazz or soul tone.

    Having JKT48 now as part of performers should not be weird at all. I don’t even feel weird when there was Cherrybelle or CJR also performing on JJF (hmm, why didn’t they perform there?). Especially now that tobacco brand can’t sponsor the event again, they can have underage artists performing on the stages.

    It seems that having JKT48 on Saturday was also a test case for JJF. That’s why they put JKT48 on Java Jazz stage, the outdoor stage near the venue entry. It was an introductory stage, not the big stages like in Hall A, B, C, and D. Usually there was not a lot of audiences on Java Jazz stage, but it was different when JKT48 is performing. And most of the audiences watching are not those of regular ones who usually attend and see the girls performed. It was packed, even more packed if you compare it to other regular artists in those big halls.

    Having audiences come and go on the JJF stages are common. People usually tend to browse around. They stick to a stage when it was good for their taste. If not, they just move to another stage. So it should not be considered as big problem. It was just the way JJF audiences are.

    JKT48’s performances on JJF was actually great. For me it would be fine if they performed tall songs with minus one, though I was a bit disappointed seeing them Sakura no Shiori with minus one also (since it was not required for them to have heavy dance for the song). Unlike their other live performances, the girls have a bit break between each song. It was humid and hot. Several of them going back and forth to the back stage to have a drink. While several members had a break, the others covered the stage with MC. Melody helped a lot to liven up the MC. Ooh, she was good by the way.

    Hmm… I’m doing a post in a comment hahahaha.. :)

    • Yui'aa says:

      I think the main reason just because JKT48 dont re-arrangement their music by jazz music… But time will tell the truth.. (“_”))

  7. jpaa says:

    many singer in Indonesia has a good voice and have international quality, buuuut in that many just a few can give a quality song, beacuse oooofff they can’t manage that. just look at Indonesian Id*l or any talented show just 1 or 2 can go through Indonesian Industry the rest is gone with the wind. man Indonesian Industry are the hardest one in the world. its just like Japan or any other country, people in Indonesia can’t just except other culture if its not interesting them. so why most of japanese dont like JKT48 because they have AKB, and why Indonesian can’t just except other artist outside the country coz they love their own artist. same to same. each other love their own.
    there will be always lover and hater, but dont worry coz hater are lover inside HAHAHA! i’m OOT right?!

  8. jun says:

    The only one performance with Lip syncing at Java Jazz Festival. Hihihihihi

    • jpaa says:

      really? to bad. they can sing why have to be lipsync?? i dont get it. they should have know indonesian hate lipsync, and its JAVA JAZZ for God shake. i prever they dont show up if like that. whereis management?? i repeat indonesian hate lipsync. but i know JKT48 never give up, UUZZAAAAA! :lol:

    • geth 2.0 says:

      Is that so? Not my problem

    • HERMAN says:

      Did they? Well, no problemo. Sing quality isn’t their speciality. If I want some, I’d look for Andien, Raisa, Hetty Koes Endang, or Tetty Kadi. I’m Indonesian and i’m ok with lypsync, as long as they use their own voice.

      • jpaa says:

        Oh yeah I really forget about that, JKT48 is not usual artist. They’re still learn. Form nothing to be something. From zero to hero. Gotcha.

      • Moo says:

        I don’t think that those great singers you mention are able to sing great like usual while dancing with choreographed dance.

    • indr@ says:

      Actually they did sing, with layered playback of course, because some of the mics have problem.
      If you watched the performance you can hear the front members were really sing, I can hear Melody’s voices clear enough.

      I have watched many team J live performances, and lately they always sing with playback as backup if the sound or mix has problem.

  9. jpaa says:

    you know what i mean, gosh dont be silly. shinta and jojo you mean? so nice i eat two pcs heuu

    btw i watch jkt48 2nd anniv and see akicha, i will miss her with her calm attitude huweee she’ll never here anymore x( good luck mamakicha dont forget us here…..


  10. jpaa says:

    you’ll dont know about indonesian youtube artist and their sozz*s commercial. please stop me for making OOT.

  11. zakky26 says:

    Team J(azz) performing on JavaJazz :lol: