Rena’s Heartfelt Letter


I'm Japanese. I translate stuffs, English - Japanese - Bhs Indonesia I love JKT48!

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  1. zakky26 says:

    Sad message…wish her a good and successful career at AKB..and hope someday she can return here as a full JKT member…

  2. mi2n says:

    Terima kasih untuk translasinya :)

  3. Muhammad Nur Ikhsan says:

    her post was really heartwarming, I hope she will grow and famous in Japan as AKB48 and JKT48 member.

  4. Zf says:

    Well it’s true that fans made her what she is today, but it’s also true that jkt48 wouldn’t get to where they are now without the 1st gen girls loke Rena. If the 2nd gen can see a packed theatre from day one, they owe it entirely to the 1st gen.

    However i can’t help noticing that some members only use jkt48 as a launchpad. Many graduates went on directly to have acting / singing contract. Cindy gulla’s case was especially controversial. So i think it’s naive of her put on such idealistic responsibilities. Please take it easy rena :-D

    Anyway i think Haruka’s done a sterling job at raising awareness of jkt48 until now.

    Oh and did you notice that after the shuffle team b got such an exciting lineup?

    • Yui'aa says:

      Well, but I think the point is…

      She lived in Indonesia for a long time since her age of 10.5 – 15 years.
      She lived in Indonesia at the age of a child is able to absorb the surrounding environment with understanding and feeling.

      That is why, her Character and Moral, more looks similar to Indonesian women than Japanese women.
      So naturally, she looks more responsible in thinking and acting like a Indonesian woman.. Because She’s has be a half Indonesian citizens..

      Once again.. — “Remember, Rena lived in Indonesia when she’s been able to absorb the environment by understanding and feeling”–

      • Zf says:

        Well ye, i think you’re right after all, her jkt years are always part of her :-D

        Honestly i’m not rena oshi but i think generally fans think that their idol’s happiness is their happiness. If she’s happy, we’re happy. I think that’s why haruka’s japanese fans were glad seeing Haruka succeed in jkt, even though haruka decide to even skip sousenkyo. I’m just worried that Rena felt burdened by a burden no one expected her to carry. Again i’m not rena oshi but i think what her fans would prefer is for her to just take it easy and enjoy her time.

        Honestly, with having mocchi, mayuyu, yukirin, ikoma rina as team mates in team b, it’s a hard enough job to stand out.

        Ahhh i feel terrible, i sound so gloomy! :oops:

  5. Japarta says:

    When I visited Jakarta 2 weeks ago, I was asked by one of Rena fans to take their letters to Rena in Japan.
    There were tens of letters…

    After returning to Japan, I took the letters to AKB theater, and left them there with following the AKB theater rule.

    Rena fans, I’m sure Rena has already read your letters.

  6. Tilly says:

    Very positive message from a JKT48 ex-member to current JKT48 members and fans.

    Let me rewrite some interesting phrases from Rena’s translated sentence:

    1. old days ……… uncertain future
    2. I’m here because of you
    3. ….. come back home to Jakarta

  7. zakky26 says:

    And it’s nice to hear that she considers Bahasa Indonesia as her third language…i hope she won’t forget her bahasa and keep practicing it… :wink:

  8. wmlx says:

    As this is an international site, I’ll just leave this translation of the Bahasa Indonesia part of her G+ post:


    Hello everyone!

    Yesterday was the Daisokaku [event], and I am no longer with JKT48.

    I’m sorry.

    I really wanted to continue being with JKT48.

    I am very happy althrough I haven’t been doing much work with JKT48, Indonesian fans still keep supporting me.

    I was overjoyed when I was selected during the [2014 JKT48] calender senbatsu!

    Thank you everyone.

    Althrough I am not longer with JKT48, in my heart I am still with JKT48.

    And I hope one day I can go back to Indonesia, to JKT48.

    Like Haruka-san yaa! XD

    Thank you always!

    love you!

  9. Ginko says:

    Rena: “I still remember the days where I was always selected as a (JKT) senbatsu”.
    The word “ALWAYS” she used on that post disturbs me a little. I thought she was only selected twice (out of four JKT singles) as Senbatsu.

    Rena: “And, as it was in Jakarta, I hope to be always selected as a senbatsu member and to be known by lot of people here.”
    Smart girl. I love how this girl inserted a senbatsu campaign in her JKT farewell post.

  10. jpaa says:

    i hope she could be strong, the fans never forget her, dont worry rena.

    its OOT but, are you guys wachting Kokoro no Tomo in metro? really guys i just know about this show yesterday. i always though japan is a unique one but after watch it japan is extremely damn it super unique, gosh. to bad i dont know this earlier. cant wait for the next episode. and who play kokoro in that show they say is an ex-member of SDN48?? And tomo is a stand up comedy name ryan. so they called the show is KOKORO NO TOMO. but in first episode are not them. but it coz i just download for the first haha

  11. Zf says:

    for Indonesian fans, you might remember the episode of JKT48 Story (the 2nd episode, iirc) which also covers the story of Rena’s fans (a teenage girl). in that show, a surprise rendez-vous was arranged at the fan’s birthday, in which Rena gave her a birthday present.

    apparently before this fan knew about jkt48, she led a self destructive lifestyle due to family problems, and at one point she attempted suicide by cutting her vein. basically she said jkt48 and Rena led her to being a better person. :cry:

    considering her story, i wonder what would happen to that fan 8-O

    • jpaa says:

      nah i dont like that episode, to much drama, typical RC*I.

      FYI cigull are in drama program in the same that TV station, how ironic.