Introducing Dareka no Tame ni


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  1. Akiriku says:

    wow.. Rider, I like that song. :!:
    But I don’t know that there’s a sad story behind “Rider”, 8-O I feel sorry with that guy. :(
    He was a true fan who made AKB48 to be his last, –his last amusement before he died– poor guy.. :cry:

  2. WasshoiJ says:

    NMB’s version is a lot more enjoyable because there has always been the medley at the end to perk up the slow moments from the beginning.

    It’d be nice if JKT48 can perform a medley too… but if only

  3. Alan says:

    Wow, now you mention it. Hope we’ll see Ve singing yokaze no shiwaza soon :mrgreen: haha

  4. Great Ape says:

    IMHO, this setlist is by far my least favorite. The pacing isn’t quite as good as Pajama Drive, the general vibe of the songs isn’t as glamorous as RKJ, and it’s nowhere as fun-inducing as Boku no Taiyou (my favorite JKT48 setlist so far). Maybe it’s just me, but I really think that JOT made a misjudgment here, I was really hoping for Idol no Yoake, but as it turned out, they decided to go with this dull setlist.
    A little out of topic, JOT made an even worse decision by ending Boku no Taiyou too damn soon, that’s literally the only setlist that kept me cheering for the girls. JOT better come up with a better setlist than Dareka no Tame ni to replace Boku no Taiyou, or my theatre visiting days is going to be over. Oh well, maybe not that extreme. As long as Yona’s still around…

    P.S.: The moaning part from Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru really made me cringe. I don’t think the girls themselves are quite comfortable performing that particular song, as I can see that some of them clearly didn’t. Call me an uptight, but I really think that the song is too naughty to be performed by a bunch of really young girls from Indonesia. Some of them are not even 18 years old, for God’s sake!