Q&A Compilation II

Annie Tjia

A JKT48 admirer who has too much times in her life. Has a great interest in writing, but never really brave enough to write more than just a personal blog post. English learner and a cat lover.

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  1. LuphKira says:

    you’re wlcome @Annie Tjia… :) :)
    i only copy paste from all her answer & make a little editing :oops:
    after i see all Q&A session in here & the past, i think only Gbay who answer until 80 question.

    & thanks god, she give me +1 in the my summary of the her Q&A.
    Source : https://plus.google.com/105154411599585458501/posts/Z1HyyiRrczc


    • Annie Tjia says:

      I didn’t have patience as much as you did. Especially because Gaby’s session was really an impressive number, at first I was about to leave it. Already missed out some G+ sessions, like Rena’s or Yupi, because it’s really hard to cope when you only have your mobile as the available device. Next time, maybe I’ll ask for your help again if it’s necessary. :)

  2. WasshoiJ says:

    Awesome stuff! Thanks Annie. I’ve always missed out on the girls Q&A and it’s really neat to have it all compiled AND translated!

    Cheers!! (Can we actually find a way to add all these Q&A into some kind of sub-page in members profile page?/ or add in the interesting tidbits)

    And hmmmm I love the egg martabak!

    • Angga says:

      I’ll try to find a way to make a sub-page for all the QA :D

    • Annie Tjia says:

      You’re welcome! In first compilation, I missed Yona’s session because at that time I didn’t follow all members’ twitter accounts. I only followed Ghaida since she’s my oshi. I just started following all members excactly a day before Stella opened her session, si I thought it’d be cool if I made a compilation for all members sessions. Glad you like it. :) I’m about to make it routine so everyone don’t have to miss anything from their oshis. :D