JKT48 2nd Anniversary Live in Concert


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  1. A recommendation from a friend who knew the seat well in the concert, if you can, please buy the VIP seats.
    Festival A and B is standing areas. VIP area might be located behind Festival A and B, but it has stepped seats so that people sit here can perfectly clear see the stage performance.

  2. Tokyo Pop says:

    How many people will come to the gig?
    I hope this will be the first “10,000 people” concert for JKT48. Anyway,it is a key step to great success and “go international”
    Good luck girls!

    • benimaru says:

      The maximum capacity of the venue are only for 6000 people..

      But since it held 2 times, so the total amount of audience (maybe) will reach 10k..

      Me also planning to go there (if there is no duty calls of course :) )

  3. Zen says:

    …damn …how can JOT surpress the tickect price like that …??? …i don’t see any sponsor on that brochure …sugoi … O_o …

    • There are no big sponsors mentioned until this moment, not even from that telco with yellow color.
      I guess it’s an all out action from JOT. They prepare for any loss coming after the concert, unless of course, all seats are fully booked for the whole 2 shows.

  4. aldo says:

    i’ll be there
    im on VIP show 2

  5. NN says:

    festival A : ±750 x 220 IDR
    festival B : ±250 x 165 IDR
    VIP : ±150 x 330 IDR
    tribun A : ±1440 x 165 IDR
    tribun B : ±480 x 55 IDR

    bruto : 165 M + 41.25 M + 49.5 M+ 237.6 M + 26.4 M = 470,25 x DOUBLE SHOW = 940 500 000 IDR

  6. gorgom says:

    I…I don’t like the tagline. “Performing all out. Thanks for being my friends”. Sounds like, “thanks for everything, this will be my last so I’ll do my best” kinda thing :-?

    Naaah…juat the paranoid side of me :oops:

  7. Almadani says:

    hey guys what do you think about this concert gonna happen? i come from sumatera island and im going to see this concert but i worry about my self, is it better than kpop concert or no? how long i should stand by to enter this concert??

    • Angga says:

      Never watched a K-Pop concert before as I’m not really into (what I personally think, overrated) new K-Pop craze, so think my answer as a VERY biased one as anyone would expected: Yes, JKT48 will be much better :lol: . Well, except if you refer to the old one like BoA or KISS of course, that would totally spit out different answer from me.