Pajama Drive Revival Show Saturday Night Review


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  1. raey says:

    hey verranzo, i also watch the 2nd show on saturday. Haruka stole my attention on junjou, i forgot to see shania and vinny.
    having ve and naomi in one unit and watch them really make a dream come true
    and don’t forget Rica, she stole my attention in group song and tenshi no..her hair and her make up really make her like a goddess

    (my english really bad)

  2. sanusi says:

    Nice report. Brief, to the point, yet full of information that i need. :( :( My heart’s still broken for not having a chance being in any of the show. (i applied all the show tho). How lucky you are, mate. Godspeed! :wink:

  3. Tomo says:

    You all Indonesia have a good idea to fill the heart with sentimentral love, its word “revival”.
    It should be so happy to see.
    In Tokyo, do we have the same thing?

  4. Seganteng Ghaida says:

    absolutely Super Henshin from Kamen Ghaida to Tenshimbuls. :mrgreen:

  5. I hope the show will be aired on TV, so non-Jakarta fans could also watch the show..
    And for that Ve – Naomi part, I think it should be censored on TV :mrgreen:

  6. bubu48 says:

    for me rica too matured for tenshipo , I didnt get that cuteness aura , it turn into “mature aura” …
    kagami is kinal’s comfort zone, I mean she has been repeatedly being a captain, so it’d be expected if she got this spot :wink: ve and naomi, OMG I never expected that they’d be so WOW.. that feminime ve can do something which only superhero-can-do *highkick lol.. and naomi :oops: Her dance skill is no joke, very flirtous (you know what I mean), and the best pajadorarevivalshow ======> temodemononamida …, stella-sendy couple.. Y’all know their perfect vocal quality, don’t you? :wink:

    • Soso says:

      Mannnnn, about Rica, I think you should saw her closer, even She is actually the oldest at the unit but She really looked like the youngest when perform, She was really cute, no excuse!!!!

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