Anon Reports! My Handshake Experience with Rena


I’m Japanese. I like Indonesian people, culture, foods. My favorite Indonesian food is Mie Ayam. I translate and introduce Akicha's activity to Indonesia and the world.

12 Responses

  1. Stella says:

    thank you so much :wink:

  2. azal says:

    Wow anon thank you about sharing the story.

  3. Seganteng Ghaida says:

    thanks alot anon-san.
    please ask her about jkt movie, will she participate?

  4. aldo says:

    thank you for sharing with us

  5. benimaru says:

    nicely done 8)

    glad to know that j-fans had a positive reaction for her

    say, what does it means by “she is a good girl?”

    are there actually “bad girl” on AKB ?

    • Anon says:

      “good girl” means not compared with other girls. Just Rena is “good”.
      Though sometimes I heard of “bad girls” rumor…
      Anyway,I just say she did her best to all fans!! And she got many fans in this 2days.

      • ganyabubrown says:

        dont you have any report for today handshake?
        and what about akicha?
        i’d love to hear some news about her too

  6. Zen says:

    So u met 2 idols in one placed ‘n only using 1 HS tickect right …??? …that’s coolz …hahaha … XD …

  7. Tomo says:

    It seems Rena has her smooth and new journy :wink:

  8. Winxred12 says:

    Wahh I’m so jealous, thank you for uploading this
    I really want to meet with her n a handshake event sometime TT TT

  9. yahya says:

    make me envy..

  10. xzerozero says:

    ahh… thx for the report anon-san :wink: