J-Pop Culture and its Influence to Indonesia Music Industry II


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  1. daydreamerzz says:

    Raison d’etre…. huahahha, nice bassist :lol:

  2. ray021 says:

    Huahahaha the bassist. great job anyway :lol:
    Oh yeah, maybe you should add this to the list :


    It’s in sundanese, by the way :lol:

  3. quack says:

    ahh..JULIA..the vocalist is my friend & my seniors in high school :mrgreen:

    • killercroc says:

      and the bass player is my friend. first time met that dude when we played on the same metal gig back in 07 :))

  4. Tomo says:

    Many Indonesian rock bands are influenced by Larc. 8-O Does it mean the only Larc is the popular J-Rock band in RI? :roll: Why there is not Southern All Stars? They are now releasing many smash hits in Japan. :wink:

    • Angga says:

      Well, for mainstream audiences, yes.

      For Southern All Stars, not many knows them even though their “Tsunami” single is a big hit in Japan :lol:

      But this is really a very intriguing things since a group of street performer in Bali knows Southern All Stars’ “Tsunami” :

  5. rheza says:

    daym,tokyolite!these guys like,everywhere suddenly…..been hanging up with these guys alot,humble and awesome guys…fyi,mereka baru aja pulang dari jepang,doing some “secret” gigs as far as i know,sadly,they were kinda left out from the mainstream radar,even from the japanese community back then…

  6. LuphKira says:

    when in event in PRJ last year, There is one cover band.
    they call G-Tactic, in that event they covered YUI & K-on.

    FYI : JKT48 is perform in that event.


  7. berryz_kamen says:

    i think you missed the most obvious one, although maybe the reason you omitted them is because they are a J-Rock band rather than a J-Pop band. But still…..

  8. OTAKU Band from surabaya, they already stand for 13 years.
    BTW i love COCOLATINO <3 ^^
    especially the vocalist ~Rahma