Puntastic II : Playing Meme During Sahur Time

Pitra Satvika

An interactive communications guy who loves to explore the possibility of mixing technology, social media, and branding (almost) everyday. Also a JKT48 fan. Check my own blog at http://pitra.media-ide.com and http://www.media-ide.com.

8 Responses

  1. indopr0 says:

    I’m sure angga took part in making the banner, there’s ShaHHNNNGGG

  2. Tomo says:

    Marverous 8-O I like Kinal’s poster :-P I should vote my one for her. Please be a great “captain” in your local reagion (Bandung?) :wink: .

  3. Kaca Luthfi says:

    Nice one! :D And now, I will always wait for it in my Twitter timeline! X)

  4. PN03 says:

    Mr JKT48stuff Chairman (Angga), we miss you

  5. Zen says:

    “every shalalala every wouwou still shine”

    Carpenter -Yesterday Once More

    …i love this song …nice meme angga-san …hahaha … :lol:

  6. indr@ says:

    LOL..so creative and hilarious..
    My favorite is #CalegJKT48, Kinal is quite popular there..
    Thanks to @ted_kho for the compilation :wink: