Haruka Ramadan Diary


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  1. tsu says:

    Harugon belongs to Indonesia ! shes NOT and WILL NOT coming back
    I guess Harugon is the only succes in “kaigai” program
    I hope many AKB members inspired by her, and coming to Indonesia…..maybe Aamin ? hehehehe

  2. Aldo says:

    She’s got more and more fans day by day

  3. benimaru says:

    maybe AKB management will also transfer Sae to Indonesia :?:

    • Tomo says:

      Yeap, agree with Benimaru-san :-o Sae highly wanted to focus on Shanghai story. But Chinese goverment denies to publish working visa. Even now she wants to make success overseas with local members, such as JKT as well known as the best sister group in 48 families :-P I think Sae would be happy when she will join JKT,not Shanghai. Harugon, Akich dan Sae 8-O A grand trio :wink:

      • Buddy says:

        Don’t forget to add suzuki mariya to make it super quartet from AKB48. :) It will be good if AKB management decide to send Sae and mariyannu to join JKT48 (double role) in budokan, that way Sae and mariya transfer program will not ended in failure and their wish to help sister group to be more famous can be done too. :mrgreen:

        • benimaru says:

          me just wish one of them AKB staff read this :D

          altho we seems don’t have any rights to say this, but yes, it seems better for Sae and Mariya if AKB management will transfer them here to JKT..

          besides, K3 will need a great mentor if they want to be on-par with J..

          feel very sorry for Sae and Mariya.. *whoamianyway*

  4. Zen says:

    U should put her photos wearing Hijab too Angga-san …it’s cute u know …hahahaha … XD …

  5. yamidans says:

    I love you Haruka!!!!
    hahahaha :-o
    She is so adorable,i hope her diet program success and KFC Indonesia success too 8)

  6. indr@ says:

    Once again, this girl did a good job in winning our heart..

  7. nama says:

    SNH48 Ponytail to Shushu
    Music video It is almost a naked body.

  8. xzerozero says:

    i like her being fun. its make another member in japan curious about Indonesia. just like nakaya sayaka, she start learning bahasa

    • Buddy says:

      Too bad Nakaya Sayaka already graduated. :( it will be good if she also join JKT48 before she graduated.

  9. AkiGon Lover says:

    What? No love for Akicha? She did (and still doing) a great job promoting JKT48 and it’s native members to Japanese fans. Maybe she’s not as outgoing as Harugon, and perhaps spends too little time in Jakarta, also still quite lacking in her Bahasa Indonesia fluency, but I personally think she’s one of the successful Team Kaigai member along with Harugon.

  10. gorin says:

    Agree with AkiGon Lover.
    Both Akicha and Haruka imho are the perfect couple for the kaigai program in JKT. Akicha builds awareness towards JKT48 to foreign fans by her joining senbatsu as JKT48 member, and write about members’ profile in her google+. Whereas Haruka grasps local fans’ attention by her eagerness in learning Bahasa Indonesia and aspects that go along with it. Not to mention their presence give some extra push for the JKT48 for speedy growth performance wise.
    They both give just as great contribution to and for JKT48 in their own ways. When the time came for them to return to Japan, I’d be heartwrecked for sure…