JKT48 Girls Riding Rickshaw


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  1. Haddad says:

    stage48 JKT48 thread been pretty lively because of this speculation whether they’re actually in Japan or not and if yes, which member that are going and which member that aren’t :lol: :lol: :lol:

  2. benimaru says:

    dude.. you’re so kepo :-? :-? :-?

    enjoying their performance, that is a fans..

    but want to know where they go, what are they doing right now, with whom they are.. that is a stalker..

    the next thing you want to avoid by becoming a stalker are the police :!: :!:

    • Tokyo Pop says:

      Hi、benimaru san

      I think you have a healthy perspective. But, I am still in great hopes that I could make a close encounter with JKT girls on a street here in Tokyo this weekend. I confess that I enjoyed reading about such “detective” reports on Stage48 website,In fact I even posted there MY report about the girls’ activity in Tokyo.

      Of course, I believe those who did stalking to Shania should be severely punished!

      • benimaru says:

        well, me just hope you don’t do bizzare stuff if you accidently meet those girls in japan..

        since you even follow them from here to japan :-D

        and for those morons who stalking Shania till in front of her house; ye shall be damned in lowest level of Hell eternally :evil: :evil: !!
        (gonnna kick them ass if me meet them personally..)

    • Angga says:

      There’s a clear difference between a full time stalker and reporting things that already posted in the internet ;) .

      There’s also a clear difference between edgy and paranoid :lol:

  3. PN03 says:

    Once again there is an aggregation comment from someone . Tokyo Pop please tell us the updated situation in Tokyo :roll: and ignore those extreme comment.

    • Tokyo Pop says:

      OK,there is a very strong speculation here in Japan that our JKT48 girls will do 2-3 songs tomorrow. Up until now, JKT48 took long long journey from Jakarta to Tokyo, but they always sung ONLY ONE song and just went back home quietly each and every time. Many JKT48 fans in Japan think JKT48 was treated unfairly. OK, I know JKT48 is a newbie to AKB family,but JKT48 is now a big star in Indonesia,right?

      Come on! Revenge is mine! guys!

      • KageTora says:

        Revenge is ours ! I am particularly annoyed by the feeling of being marginalized, as if JKT48 is less a part of 48 group, and their fans is less a part of 48 fandom. I do have an expectation that JKT48 and their fans can be accepted fully as integral part of both 48 family and Indonesian community. 100% 48 100% Indonesia !

        • Shiba-sama says:

          Marginalized, eh? You might be right. Well, the very fact that the establishment of AKB48 Group which unified ALL of Japan-based 48 management teams under a single organization WITHOUT including both JKT48 and SNH48 management teams tells a lot about marginalization over overseas 48 (JKT&SNH).
          The AKB48 Group consist of: Ozaki Atsushi (HKT48 manager), Kaneko Takeshi (NMB48 manager), Shiba Tomoya (SKE48 manager), Yuasa Hiroshi (AKB48 assistant manager), Togasaki Tomonobu (AKB48 manager and All 48 Groups). Both Inao Jiro (JKT48 General Manager) and SNH48 manager was not mentioned AT ALL, let alone included in AKB48 Group management.
          For more info about the establishment of AKB48 Group, you guys can watch the second and the fourth day of AKB48 ‘Request Hour Best 100’ 2013 (the announcement on both the 2nd and 4th day BEFORE the encore session).

      • killercroc says:

        yep i think so, according to Gon Tweets “Sekarang latihan!!!lagunya banyak! Semangat yaaaaa(>_<)"
        so more than 1 song is possible :D

  4. Djt says:

    Somehow what i really want to know is why JOT or member not just tell everyone that they go to japan … Not like usually, it’s like they didn’t want us to know that they go to japan …. Or maybe we shouldn’t know :p

  5. Gonjack says:

    I always remember that Capt. Kinal and others once said that JKT48 is full of surprise, so maybe it is one of it and Djt, you’re right! we shouldn’t know it! But it still too difficult to keep it as a secret since fans had an incredible network with members friends