The Road to Team K


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  1. rio says:

    maybe, just maybe,

    you had certain amount of expectation and they failed you, thus the show seems less aura-ful like you wished. or maybe you had this thing called “they-are-the-trainees-afterall-so-i-set-my-standard-to-how-i-felt-when-i-watched-the-first-pajama-drive” that people usually have.

    for me, what i learn from a handful tickets of Pajama Drive v.2 is their show is different. they have different aura, they joke about different thing, and they, of course, have a different approach to their expression when on stage. it took me a couple of shows though, to get that feeling.

    or maybe this was just an irritated post because now i like them so much and i hate to think that some ugly teenagers is talking shit like “trainees are nothing like the godly team J”.

    i don’t know. nothing good happens after 2 A.M. :-o

    • Angga says:

      To be honest, I set my expectation as low as I could. Look up to the quoted remarks :)

      And I get what I need, a mind blowing entrance and start compared to my expectation. Unfortunately it was marred by the horror the MC session gave me.

      There’s an X factor when a performer performing on stage, and unfortunately it was hard for me to see that tonight. Something that made me “clicked!”. I’ll see them again in the future, perhaps another 6 months to see how far have they developed that X factor.

      And if you like them, that’s good! That is what would help the girls develop themselves more.

      The “Godly” team J -as your own remark I quote- need a year to established themselves. That ain’t too “Godly” whatsoever as God(s?) only need seven days for whatever He created :lol:

      • rio says:

        believe me, i understand completely about the mc session. i’ve been watched the best and the worst of them. the problem, perhaps, is because sometimes they got carried away talking some inside thing/inside joke, because as far as i can tell, they mostly watched by the regulars (who knew the girls inside and out quite well). oh, and the topics. the girls can be very entertaining, i won’t lie about that.

        me, for instance, start to watch them on weekly basis without the need for verification e-mail. as you mentioned above, some seats remain empty, which pointed out the obvious fact. that is, to me, is trainees biggest challenge; to spread their wings and expand their market. they need to see the bigger picture. they have to realize that their fans that visit regularly may grow bored, or tired, or busy, or else.

        .. and that godly part is just something i overheard somewhere, by a guy whom i believe is a very deeply hardcore fans of team J and trying to be exclusive about them. sad.

        nb: tacil lucu ya.

        • Angga says:

          trainees biggest challenge; to spread their wings and expand their market

          Yep, and that’s the point of the X factor/aura/whatever came in. They need to make sure that any newcomer that is in the attendance to feel that “Click!” in just one single show to turn them into regulars. There ain’t much bighearted people like you that willing to give the girls many chances.

          Hopefully they will be able to do that in a year timeline. I put my faith in those talented and hard working girls.

          • djt says:

            well i tihnk i should agree with rio, as a fans of 48 fam, we should give the girl many chances since the concept itself is grow with the fans. if fans can’t accept or give them many chances then that fans is not yet a 48 fam fans. of course they not perfect, if they already perfect they not idol group but girl band ^^; to me as long as they already give the best at stage then I can accept it. some time why i adore the kks more than team J is, the kks always give all ther power in every songs. while team J sometime get lazy. but since i already get charmed by team J, so i forgive them :lol:

            but maybe i should note on Angga point also, the kks should be perform her best when the crowd is big. so they can be regulars fans. regarding aura …. well… TBH team J face is prettier then kks :P Melody compare to Vinny, no contest melody face is better, shanju face compare to Ayen face, again shanju wins, team J got pure japanese Rena, kks got uh well … even they don’t have the kw one(Ayana) XD no kks member as elegant as ve, stella, and sonya. and from the beginning that 3 already elegant. ok next kks doesn’t have a bishonen while team J got ghaida …. girls love ghaida ^^; ok what next ??? hmmm team J got trio loli Cigul, wawa, ayana.. team J got a dangdut singer Sendy XD so on..

            compare to “already great from the beginning” team J tbh what kks achieve so far is already ok lah. and except for MC sometimes they already perform better than team J best, regarding Aura etc, well they still need more experience in entertainment business. the only kks member that i already see the aura is Rona, Viny, Della, and Yupi. i hope soon i will see the aura things on Yona, sinka, Ikha, tacil, nat, uty, and all of them ^^

          • Angga says:

            Yes, that’s the point :D . Truth to be told, we brought along a non-fans and just getting interested friend of us to the theater that night. And the show doesn’t give her a lasting impression unfortunately aside from the screaming like mad teenagers standing right behind us in the MC session which is very very annoying :lol:

  2. djt says:

    Yap you right, ytd is not a good show, i’m not too impress too… well it’s always when octi on stage, they will move Rona pos to pajadora blue ^^; Rona not on that position for long time(when shonichi song, i almost think she’s not coming coz i see octi on her usual pos) , and guess what, she often miss position, specially on group song. well it’s also happen in team J if some of them change position. also uty is not in a good health.

    regarding aura …. the one things that team J already have is most of team J is already knew about show biz compare to this kks, so they already have a different “confidence” level. for MC, this is the main weakness of kks, but again this is because they merely just 3 month together, compare to team J that already together 9 month before they start their own theater …. if you want to compare, try to compare when team J do “mc-ing” in OVJ. look how shanju can’t say anything there, or look when melody’s there is shanju bad, is melody bad ? no shanju just not familiar with nunung, while melody also not familiar with people arround her at that time…not all people like nabila. so for kks hopefully the more they together, the more they can feel like a family, and to make them have a confidence level there’s no other things than to support them ^^ and now is the perfect timing.

    don’t just give your love to team J, try to share it the kks, of course you can also give a bad comment “as a support” but make sure that “bad comment” you put on the suggestion box, well i realy did that, i tell vinny that the only perform that i can’t enjoy is temodemo :P but it’s true, temo demo is the worst, because the 2 performers can’t work together… lol it’s look like that i just write an article XD

    btw do you know what ? every time the theater is full of audience, the kks do more mistake then if not full… here my analysis(maybe right or wrong), they don’t have enough confidence yet to perform in front off big audience, they got “demam panggung” contrary with team J that will have more power when the audience is full, why ? because team J is start with big audience, they use to it. while kks use to perform in small audience. ok that’s it ^^

    • Angga says:

      There’s this whole different meaning if it wasn’t on their own turf thus rendering it incomparable. And the gap of time between those two team also making it incomparable even on their own turf :lol:

      The purpose of team J on this article is not to compare between those two team but rather as a benchmark for the trainees to aim to and also a benchmark of time that those girls probably need to be able to achieve what their predecessor already did in more than a year time frame :D

  3. djt says:

    Ah i forget to say this. Sorry if my article make you all the way cam to the “sanctuary” :lol:
    btw i think you should sometimes watch their show la ^^ once a month as a JKT48 fans :mrgreen:

  4. xzerozero says:

    ^easy to say :roll:
    im a universuty student, this year on my thesis, and all the money i have just for this.
    I hope that soon i got a well job and soon could support them.

    *curhatdikit :lol:

  5. Djt says:

    ^well if you want to enjoy better watch team J, well at least you already know them. But if love surprises and more imprtant you want to support jkt48 member, then go spent your money on kks. Because today team j not need your support. Without you watching, the theater is already full. While kks you don’t even email, just go to fx then you can buy the wl ticket and still got seat. Except maybe for certain event like ace of kks bday like ytd :)

  6. xzerozero says:

    ^i prefer try both though :lol: . since i never go there. but maybe, when the time come, team K is already formed.
    by the way, what happens to those who are not elected? still be a “ban serep”/Mbekden??

    • HERMAN says:

      Oh maaan, I think either Team J or KKS deserved the same portion of our support and love. They had struggled enough. All of them, undisputably. Don’t say KKS just following Team J’s legacy, because the truth is both of them just following AKB’s. And don’t be too radical too, like treated some of them as a God (God? What God? Man, it’s a blasphemy in this country) and try to divide your support and love for each of them evenly. Agree? (Do I look like a socialist? Hope not.)

  7. Rifqi says:

    Well, honestly, I can say that I felt the same way when watching trainee’s performance for the first time. In terms of dance abilities and moves, KKS is just an inch to team J. However, when it comes to other ‘factor’ (which I couldn’t really identify), they are still a long way to go.

    I may only watched them once and every statement I made here may not going to be very significant comparing to other fans who’ve watched their performance dozens of times. However, being honest, trainee members really had to show their original personality, so that the so-called aura can appear from within them. So far, I only see Yona, Rona, Novinta, Yuppi, Viny and Ayen who had this kind of ‘spark’, but not in other members yet.

    However, I disagree with those who said that KKS are only following their seniors and only using team J’s popularity. Isn’t it the same with the 1st generation members during their first year, being accused of only manipulating AKB’s popularity? Now, team J (and thus JKT48) had gone away from AKB48’s shadow, and successfully painted their own image as ‘uniquely Indonesian 48 group’. And for KKS to get away from J’s shadow is only a matter of time.

    Still had a lot to say, but I guess I’ll have to stop it here. Sorry if anyone felt offended by my opinion.

    • Rifqi says:

      Correction: Rona and Ayen are the same. My bad :-P

    • Angga says:

      However, when it comes to other ‘factor’ (which I couldn’t really identify), they are still a long way to go.

      Yes, that certain special “factor” that they need to dig deeper. As for dance and everything, the teachers such as Gitcha and Annisa has done a tremendous job forming them in just mere months. JOT is really lucky to have them on their team.

  8. Aya says:

    Thanks for your review. I have skimmed it though
    It’s been a while for me to catch up with the second generation performances
    I watched their theatre performances on weekly basis. At first, I had never skipped their daily theatre, unfortunately I should go overseas for couple weeks.
    I keep my eyes on their progress.
    And I bet they have an impressive progress since their shonichi
    There are a lot of improvement in their performances
    I couldn’t imagine that I could finally enjoy Kimi no koto ga performances ever since it was sung by the first generation
    They put their whole energy and they are pretty much expressive.
    I could say that they bring me a different excitement of performances
    They have their own standard and now they are moving forward
    In my opinion, their gomenne summer performance is better than the first generation
    I couldn’t explain on why this come up into my argument but you could simply see it on the theatre
    For the MC parts, I do enjoy their childishness. It’s not that they couldn’t show up their aura. But it’s that their childishness are their own aura.
    Probably I have quite different opinions. But I hope everyone could enjoy trainees theatre and could help them to make more progress onwards :)

    • Angga says:

      Ah Kimi no koto, yesterday they sung that song and it was amazing. It was the saving grace moment after that MC session that could made me smile all over again :)

  9. benimaru says:

    check their schedule for 24 march..

    will JOT send gen 2 for RCTI event? :?: 8)

    • anakdekan says:

      From the info i’ve got yes, they’ll perform too and some say they’ll perform in noon session which will start from 13.00 , while team J who have a theater schedule at 16.00, will perform in morning session which will start at 07.30

      • benimaru says:

        me thought 07:30 is the time for doraemon?

        so from 07:30 till dusk, it will all about dahsyat?

        apa cuman gw disini yang nongkrongin dahsyat buat liat JKT48 perform 8-O

        • anakdekan says:

          Just got an update for dahsyat from twitter so apparently JKT will perform all day, the schedule as follows

          Morning Session (09.00-11.00) -> Team J & Trainee
          Afternoon Session (13.00-16.00)->Trainee
          Night Session (22.00-00.30) ->Possibility Team J

  10. Tomoo says:

    I was so surprised to see the original JKT48 members performance, “Oogoe Diamond”. What the power and the expression they have!!! Especially “Suka” repeated part “Suki da”. How can the original obtain those great talent? From their over 1 year perseverance? Probably anyway, the original finished their great masterpiece. And more the original will go toward their next steps and the more next steps. Contrary, KKS. I think they have been playing around the original broke fresh. There is not any tensions that the original has. I suppose that KKS has been pampered. Please remenber the KKS’s audition process. From the 1st, RCTI covered and made merry. How about the original audition? That audition was held solemnly, from my memories. The one point that I would like to say. I suppose that there would not be any tensions among KKS enviroment. If I say to much, please kindly advise me. THKS:)

    • Angga says:

      As a matter of fact, that overblown audition process could play a part too as you said :D .

      Yesterday at the special video screening, there’s a depiction of the girls trying hard to solve the criticism they get. I don’t know if it was scripted or not, but it shows that they’re no longer the pampered girls we used to think :D. They deserves more recognition for their works, it is just that…that certain special factor that I still couldn’t see up until now.

    • Djt says:

      You can wait the kks till 1 year then :)
      Just fyi, the first gen member mostly already know show biz before they join jkt, another point is some of first gen is not apply, but the management come to them and offer her to join jkt48, Melody and beby is some of them. The source for melody is from kinal interview, while for beby is on ogb that said the management come to her dance school and offer her to join.

      For gen 2 mostly is jkt48 or akb48 or anime fangirl. And judging from their face, they still green in show biz world(imo, maybe i’m wrong because i have no source just pure analisyst). So its your chooice to support the gen 2 by keep give them critics or just abandon them as if they never exist.

  11. Djt says:

    Today i watch kks show, night one. They celebrate ikha bday and give us hebirote as a bonus songs. :)

  12. benimaru says:

    just when gen 2 have the chance to perform live..

    they made this “split screen” thingy that turns into a tiny weeny view..

    well, at least me can watch Aki and Sonya perform (even only for a brief moment..)

    apa cuman gw disini yang nongkrongin dahsyat buat liat JKT48 perform 8-O

  13. Tomo says:

    I hope my topic would refer to the current situation of KKS. Recently. among Japanese 48 fans, HKT48 has been spotted light. Because they say “HKT48 has “Biri Biri Kan (literally,electric ouch tention? Please laugh, if my translation is funny) hereafter BBK”. And more, HKT48 seems like the early part of AKB. Probably those fans want to say that AKB has already got into the stabilized status. AKB won 6 (?) million single hits. This result is the great and huge thing. But also, at the same time, those fans think the popularity of AKB48 has been saturated. So they think that they can’t enjoy the strong and stimulative experiences. I hope KKS of JKT48 have “BBK” like HKT48:) Because if KKS has “BBK”, they will go so far from this leisurely progress. Did I critisize KKS again?

    • RedRanger48 says:

      I am a new fan of HKT48 , but seeing their performances from LOD in video-hosting sites, I feel something different, I think they’re good, and fresh.and I love Natsu >.<

  14. JyuriNii says:

    Not like Team J, the trainees came from much more different places. They have different native languages, culture, habits, etc. It’s not easy to them to blend in short time, of course. Not to mention they have different characters and a large number of members. They need some times to know each other, what kind of jokes they can share together, etc.

    I’m sure they’re capable to overcome it (right, girls?) and..get ready for the next level. 8)

  15. Tomo says:

    I saw “Manatsu no Kajitsu” by KKS. They were shining. Totaly I was wrong. They are great. Not pampared.