RKJ Report – What an Amazing Show


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  1. Djt says:

    Yes agree team J now already in another level… But please also support the kks, now so many empty seat on their show …. I think kks also need our support so they can be as good as team J

  2. benimaru says:

    it’s not that the fans don’t support them..

    it is just..it seems that most JKT fans still don’t see their struggle or effort to a significant level..

    just take a look on the struggle of the 1st gen; performing from one parking lot to another, experienced internal hardship, criticized not just by other fellow artist but also by Indo (even Intl) AKB hardcores who thinks that JKT will only bring shame to 48family (still remember the moron who says black dirty thigh? or the dope who says Melody deserve to die because of her scandal?)..

    those things seems cruel and irritating, but that is also what makes them stronger and better..

    this is purely me personal thought; unless the 2nd gen experiencing the same situation, they won’t be brighter like the 1st gen..

  3. djt says:

    The problem is, the 2nd get doesn’t have enough exposure to get that kind of treatment. The only people that know gen 2 is people that came to theater. The gen 2 only have 1 times show in TV(w/o team J with them). Being forgotten i think more hurt than anything else. it’s like fans doesn’t care about them. Even if someone hate you, it means the one that hate you is know you. so someone will never hate you if he/she never knew that you exist from the beginning.

    So being forgotten is the KKS issue from the beginning. Some people still think they never exist. If i want to be honest to my self, the KKS already struggle, but different type of struggle then the gen 1. if the gen 1 is try to build the image of JKT48, and the gen 2 is try to get out from the shadow of team J. they try to show the fans that they exist. And they need our support also, so please support them, please criticize them, by that then they can shine, so people know that they also struggle.

    • Rifqi says:

      This kind of struggle reminds of AKB48’s team K during their early days. Although I may not follow AKB since the early days, I can say that “history repeats itself” happened to JKT48. The 2nd gen of AKB and JKT are similar to some degree.

      The similarity lies in how both are trying to escape from the shadow of their predecessors; team A and team J respectively. They struggled to light their own beam so that they can shine despite being in shadows.

      And team K had proven it greatly.

      Now, if history indeed repeats itself, we will see JKT48’s trainee grew into a team that is unique to themselves. For myself, the trainees had a lot of potential to be desired. I’m optimistic that they can stand on equals with team J, or even outrun them.