JKT48 diary: Trip to Solo – Yogyakarta (Part 2)


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  1. mm says:

    lol Haruka. What does Beras Kencur taste like?

  2. Rica from Padang? The same hometown with me :mrgreen:
    “Hi uni Rica, baa kaba?”

  3. benimaru says:

    me didn’t know that fans outside jakarta is preety extreme :-D

    seems the hall a bit overcapacity :?: :?:

    too bad it is preety impossible to have national tour (since most of the girls are still busy with their school activity)

    • HERMAN says:

      That won’t be a big deal. They even can still do a world tour, if they want to, on school long holidays, which are imminent. (On June, perhaps? Man, it’s been long time since i was a high school student.)

  4. Tomo says:

    I indulge my self in the past 1 years and 3 months from thier debut with “Heavy Rotation” Music video. JKT48 finally achieved this kind of great sucsess. I am so happy to see the events in Solo and Yogyakarta. It can be soon their nation-wide tour with hand shake events.

  5. Rifqi says:

    When you watch the video, you’ll feel that you’re in a school trip with them :) Something that I’ve been longing for ever since high school.

    These kind of videos really make me feel closer to these girls than before. They are really our classmates, not some high-class celebrities who seemed to be perfect and hard to reach.

    I love it!