Pajama Drive 13-3-2013


I love photography and just a normal JTK48 fans ^^

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  1. hey says:

    thank you for this review!

  2. Tazawa Kenzi says:

    AKB -> Team K
    SKE -> Team K2
    HKT or JKT -> Team K3 or K4

  3. Tomo says:

    I just suppose. The selection among KKS will be done. And some ones will be upgraded to team K with some or one person from team J will move to team K as the captain for team K. Just suppose. Allow me:)

  4. Djt says:

    Hmmm yups i put there k4 because its better that k3 is from hkt. Anyway for team J i think the total number of member already ok which is 20-23. While the kks today is 29. So i think if kks promoted, it would be better if team K4 also have arround 20-23 member. Of course the member that not promoted will stay in kks and will join with the gen 3 kks. To have 29 member in 1 team is a bit too much i think….

  5. cocoax says:

    “…I think because this kks is prepared to have Team K setlist, so they trained to dance with fast pace.”

    is this real? may i know the source is?

    thank you very much ^^

    • Angga says:

      Just a rumor I guess? I dunno, perhaps djt could explain it to us :D

      Anyway, I have some different opinions to what djt written about the 2nd gen. Will try to post one later on :)

      • Djt says:

        Yup that’s only rumor. Because team j got a, so maybe team k4 will get k. Well it purely my tought.

  6. Djt says:

    Hmmm it’s official now, team k3 soon will be formed ^^/ well as i said, they deserve it ^^/ congrats to kks

    • anakdekan says:

      Yup Team K will be formed but they doesn’t announced who will be in it so it’s a long way to go and we might be have surpirse in the future (like maybe some of traniee will promoted to team J or some of them won’t promoted to team K and still trainee)

      • Djt says:

        Well i also hope not all gen 2 promoted. Maybe just 20-22 member that promoted. The rest still kks and join gen 3. I wonder which set list will they play? Setlist k or b? I hope k5

        • anakdekan says:

          I Hope they will perform K4 so they will head to head with SNH48 Trainee who rumorred will perform the setlist for their first stage :D

  7. Tomo says:

    Before talking about KKS, I belive that we have better think about Team J (the original JKT48) at first. Who did generate JKT’s current national position in Indonesia? Did KKS do? No. The original JKT48( in other words, Gen1) could make this fact happened. So I think that we have better admire the “original” JKT. Because KKS just have been walkng along on the road that “original” JKT48 created. Did I say strange?

    • djt says:

      Actually all JKT48 fans is admire team J ^^, but most of them left KKS alone. for example on theater team J always full(not mention that outside there still many people didn’t have ticket) while kks almost half of the seat is empty and the security sometime asking fans to watch the show. So what i want to tell is, please share a bit of your love to kks, they also part of JKT48 and they need your support more than team J, and today they already at same level regarding theater perform with the team J.