February 18th and 20th – Team J Theater Report


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  1. sunred says:

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. KageTora says:

    I bet translating all those slang be the hardest parts of this translation. Perhaps you should add them to Translation Guide section or make a Translation guide – part 2 specialized in slang. :lol:

    Some inputs
    Mbak – Javanese dialect used to address older sister. Somehow, it has some nuance of ‘old’ connotation – perhaps it is equivalent with addressing seniors that was born in Showa era. Even in some all-girl schools and dormitories in Jogja where senpai/kouhai relationship is still so strong they prefer using Ka/Kak/Kakak or even Ci/Cici nowadays. Interestingly, google translate includes Ma’am and Miss as its alternative equivalents – perhaps to emphasize the distance that was created by its nuance.

    btw in 2nd report MC4 : Hurricane Cici = Sonia ?

    • JyuriNii says:

      I want to give some corrections, since I was there. “Hurricane cici” refers to Veranda (usually they use Kak Ve, not Cici Ve. Kak and Cici both means oneesan, but generally Cici is more ethnically used). And then Kinal answered instead,”Cici badai needs some times to think, let others give their answer first”.

      Btw for second source, why don’t we use the original one. Here: http://kazurro692.tumblr.com/post/43620192041/fr-20-febuary-2013-team-j-renai-kinshi-jourei

      Pardon me for my bad English.

    • Angga says:

      Nope, seems like Hurricane Cici = Ve in that case :D

      Thanks for the ‘Mbak input! gonna update the Glossary with that and perhaps the slang too :lol:

      The hardest part, aside from the slang, is the one that I omitted like the joke about Jokowi’s comparison with Gingham Check checkered skirt :lol: . No matter how hard I tried, the joke seems to lost in translation at that part :lol:

      • xzerozero says:

        yeah, it’s bothering me too :-|
        it will be huge comment, since Jokowi in the different league with Tanoe’s party.
        i hope there’s wouldn’t be a problem, since i really want to see Gingham Check JKT48 vers.
        anyway.. about the lyrics i searched. how did it go :-D

        “Kau mengenakan pakaian motif kotak-kotak
        Memakai kemeja lengan pendek, kau begitu maskulin
        Begitu indah, menyayat hati
        Hatiku bermotif kotak-kotak”

  3. benimaru says:

    there goes their image maintenance thrown out off the window.. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    the only thing haruka need to do now is making a jakarta ID card AKA ktp (she already have family here right?) :mrgreen:

    these girls are just amazing :)

  4. mm says:

    Would love to see JKT cover RIVER and GIVE ME FIVE as well ^^

    • Angga says:

      Hmm judging from the way the girls trying to be as annoying as possible….UZA? :lol:

      • KageTora says:

        geez, I just hope they become more a cure and not another disease – try to be funny by annoying … sounds like Olga and friends to me # facepalm

        nvm, just an oldman’s concern

  5. KageTora says:

    Umm… after Tokyo Pop translating it, I want to hear what Japanese fans say about Haruka… it seems that she become more wild and crazy than Akicha’s yankee double personality # scratch head

  6. mm says:

    Angga, I look at the tumblr source just to read the Indonesian version for fun and realized the article is missing Ayana’s song choice at the end. The part where she wants to sing Team B Oshi.

  7. Haruka is so amazing..she joined JKT48 in November, but she learns Bahasa very quickly, even the slang language (I’m not sure I can do that if I’ve stayed at Japan for 4 months)..
    And of course the main suspect for Haruka’s rude thug language is Jeje :lol:


  8. RedRanger48 says:

    Theme: Which Super Sentai color would you like to be?

    Jeje: Red, since his combined robot position will always on top as the head.
    Melody : Red, the strongest one

    Well hello girls, wanna fight evils together?

    • HERMAN says:

      They don’t have to. I believe you already did it for them by yourself, didn’t you? :mrgreen: By the way, i think the girls are too young to know the real sentai like Google V (of course!) or the Go Go Ranger, the first sentai. All they got, could be (i repeat: could be), just a US knock off instead, say: Power Ranger this, Power Ranger that, which are suck.

      • HERMAN says:

        Pardon me, It’s Dai Sentai Goggle V, not Google V. Damn! What a shame! :cry:

      • KageTora says:

        Oh yeah, Google V. What a memory! I still watched it on Betamax LOL. But I can say that was the last J-series I watched. Once I entered Junior High, my interest on Japanese culture is only satisfied through books. No, not manga. Books. With few to no picture at all. I wonder if I left my childhood too soon :P

        • HERMAN says:

          Novels perhaps? And the classic one? Like Musashi or Rashomon?(Man, even Rashomon isn’t a novel though, it’s a short story. But I like Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon and Seven Samurai). When I was a little boy, my parents bought me a Musashi novel, at that time I couldn’t read shi*s because it was in English and it was not like the regular English as usual, it was more like TOEFL’s English. Just too complicated for an innocent little boy. But later, after I could read it, I realized it’s the greatest Japanese novel I’ve ever read. (Well, actually, I don’t read many of Japanese novel, just a book or two).

          About mangas, they’re not that bad. (Man, who doesn’t know Dragon Ball or City Hunter, they ‘re legend). Without manga or anime I wouldn’t fall in love with Japanese culture. And if I didn’t fall in love with Japanese culture, then i wouldn’t even know JKT48 as well.

        • KageTora says:

          Eiji Yoshikawa’s Musashi is among the first, and is the most influential novel for me. I read it first as a serial in Kompas newspaper. The next novels were “Kuil Kencana” (The Temple of Golden Pavilion) by Yukio Mishima and some other novels by Kawabata Yasunari – all are Bahasa Indonesia translation. Other books? Mostly non-fictions : history, culture, art, martial art and spirituality – things that less teenagers will touch unless they are deeply in love with the subject.

          I have to admit that anime and manga have some place in my J-experience, but the effect is less deep than those novels and books. And I am not quite a musical person to like or even being fans of any band, until I found JKT48 and AKB48. AKB48 bring back my long lost love toward Japan, and JKT48 toward my country.

          • HERMAN says:

            I think Shimmen Takezo’s way of sword (and Sasaki Kojiro too, he is so cool with his long long sword), is not only inspiring me, but also a lot of Japanese people. I’ve seen many of manga or games character based on Shimmen’s personality. (Of course with his dual sword as a trademark.) But trully what I interested for is not just sword battle, his social background and philosopher mind of him are more exciting for me to follow.

            Back at my kindegarten, in my school’s library, I accidentally found a big colorful book which title is “Jepang Purba” or “Ancient Japan”. I think that was the first time I have aqcuitance with Japanese incredible civilization which I really interested in later. And those mangas, games and animes only make me more crazy about it. People used to call me Japanese freak or subversive citizen. Same as you, AKB and JKT bring back my lost memories with Japanese music, back at early 90’s.

            Man, if you read Musashi as serial on Kompas (That was long long time a go, man.) I think you’re a married-already man, with spouse and grown up child. Am I right? Nothing personal, man. Just an analysist. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

        • benimaru says:

          lucky you..

          me watch it in me friend house..with several other kids in the neighbourhood..

          cause me mom hijacked the tv to watch Oshin and “Racing with Melody” (not JKT’s Melody, but the quiz with the dandy Uncle Koes (granpa Koes now) as the MC..)

          • HERMAN says:

            Well some correction for Auntie M’s statement. Red is Not always the strongest, depends on which kind of sentai we’re talkin’ about. For example, in Goggle V, the black one, has a spesial moves which looks kinda such as Shikamaru’s “Kagemane no Jutsu”, while the others only have so and so (boring) spesial moves. And that makes him the most bad ass in his pack, at least in my personal opinion.

          • HERMAN says:

            Oh, and talking about “Racing with Melody”, Do you think that “Racing with” is the best equivalent translation for “Berpacu dalam”? Well, if you insist, it’s okay. But, if I were you, I’d say “Pacing up in Melody” or “Accelerating in Melody”. Sounds better, doesn’t it? :mrgreen: (Oh man, those “Melody” words….I can’t think shi*s but HER smile. Goddammit man! Is it normal, or….or should I register as Grogol Asylum happy resident, for some intensive treatments, before I become zpmbie, zomblo, or shi*s?)

          • benimaru says:

            accelerating would be too long, while pacing would be to lame.. :-D

            well, whatever.. as long as there’s Melody words :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

            are not we all love her smile (even me wife love her smile..) :oops: :oops: :oops: :)

          • HERMAN says:

            Jesus Christ, man! So you’re a family man! What a surprise, a JKT48 fan is a married man. You old man….you….. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: