A Pat on the head for Ve’s Fans


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  1. rierie says:

    This hastag made me screamy laugh on my bed last midnight…..
    and the one who started #PukPukFansVeranda is http://goo.gl/junSz ahahaaa

  2. CallMeBrad says:

    angga!!! this is my first day in uk and i already got this news in the early morning??

    can we change that “National Broken Heart Day” into “international broken heart day” ? where’s my razor blade anyway?

  3. ekapen says:


    As a regular visitor of this site, I think this article is not necessary. This should be the full translation of the show, not only for that part -_-
    If you want to emphasize that part, it’s okay. I myself think that this is fun to watch, especially fans’ reaction in Twitter about this matter :) But please do the full translation of the talkshow.

    And as Ve’s fan… I’m cool about this (really, maybe?), but you don’t have to make it like this is such a big deal -_-

    Just my opinion, sorry :D

    • Angga says:

      Ah sorry Sorry , this article was first meant to ease the tension that building up lately on the discussion board and was written with no malice intention nor to make the matter into such a big deal. I apologize if somehow the article seems to be offending Sorry

      Will make a full translation of the show sometimes in the evening :D

      • ekapen says:

        Nah, It’s okay. But I think you should refrain from too much posting about your own personal opinions of some matters such as this, or the hate about that certain former member’s graduation and her statement on TV (but It’s not like I’m defending her, well I don’t like her too since that).

        If you want to via your own twitter or blog, please do it on your own blog or twitter. I thought this site is mainly for information, especially for foreign fans. I like this site very much because of the info and quick updates. Gossips or speculations are okay, but they are better with insight and objective analysis. But please do not post too much subjective matters.

        Once again, I’m sorry. This is just my personal opinion about this site. You are doing good, please keep it in mind. Thank you. :)

        • Angga says:

          Roger that :) , thanks for the advice mate :)

        • sunred says:

          I think it’s perfectly okay.
          the readers understand that this is a fan operated site, thus the occasional bias here and there, and that, in my opinion, is the charm point.

          If I wanted to read objective journalism, I’d opt for the New York Post.

          Angga, you’re awesome.

  4. 3 years!!

    #NationalBrokenHeartDay #NationalSlitYourHandDay

  5. KageTora says:

    some trivia of the incident – that I can find among the pieces of my broken heart – and mind
    – #PukPukFansVeranda topped the Trending Topic in Indonesia for several minutes
    – the one who started it is known as Botak (Baldman). Interestingly, the “shoulder to cry on” at that toon up there is bald too
    still need time to collect my self though, before I can write something meaningful from this… # back lamenting

  6. benimaru says:


    those guys taking these matters way to serious :lol: :lol:

    dudez, that is only a talkshow.. besides, wether Ve trully accepted the dude proposal or it is only a joke, it is her rights right?

    (please keep yourself away from baygon, hit, mortein, and other simillar stuff :) )

    but one think me wonder is; if Ve (or the other JKT girls) is not such an artist or not so popular like they are now.. will men all over this country paying attention (or slightly care) to them?

    fans make those girls famous, no wonder if some of them feel betrayed :D

  7. RedRanger48 says:

    Hahahaha nice article…
    Actually, I was glad about this , since this proved that the girls had already known and popular among fellow celebrities. This is a good publication stunt , actually..


  8. KageTora says:

    What I will say down here might sounds like a vent. Well, to be honest, parts of it – or more specifically, the core of it. LOL

    When I first learn the situation – I didn’t watch the show on its time – of that #PukPukFansVeranda hashtag, my first reaction was laughing hilariously. As I browse down the tag search, I begun to ask myself what exactly that I feel. I don’t think it is fair if I laughed at them if I have similar feeling.

    I have to admit that there is some uneasy feeling deep within. Yet, I have learned that – as pain is a signal that there is a problem in particular part of our body – such uneasy feeling tell me that there is something wrong, or at least improper within my self. I never took denial route in dealing with such thing: denial will only keep the dark side in its dark place and threaten to take control of yourself from time to time. Thus I brought that feeling to the light: openly express my feeling to the public, and letting others to laugh at me. Through the process I begun to feel easier. I still laugh at that feeling now, not because I still have that feeling, but because it is funny that I had such feeling before.

    My feeling toward Ve doesn’t change: I still admire her, respect her, care for her, wish her the best. She still be one of the strongest contender to be my Oshimen, even to Kami-Oshi level. The difference will be that I am aware of the extent to which my feeling can flow. Thus I don’t feel the need to Oshihen or doing stupid things. I simply laugh at myself, celebrating my imperfection, knowing that there is more to improve here and there.

    We sometimes afraid to express our subjectivity, fearing the chance that other people won’t accept the true us. Thus we hide behind the name of objectivity and reason, and impoverished from the richness of human experience. We need people acknowledge that we are right, as a token of acceptance of our presence. We deny the truth that we can be wrong.

    Thus the uproar in 2ch and S48 love ban law thread : no one listening, everyone try to force their so-called-objective point of view. Angga he didn’t need acknowledgement, he just want to express his subjective point of view and concern toward Akicha. Someone else might need it, someone who deny the fact that they can’t let Akicha away from them. And can only see the dark side in others, that they’d rather deny as part of themselves.

    Feeling is always subjective. Nothing wrong to have feeling. You can choose to keep it, but don’t deny it – at least to yourself. Or you might end up hurting yourself, and hurt yourself more if you hurt others to deny the fact that it is you that actually hurt. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about “Oh, I have similar feeling. I am not alone with this feeling” or “I don’t feel that way, but perhaps I haven’t experience it all”.

    The bright side of this situations: 1) we can measure the extend of fans reaction toward whatever happen around our idols, though it only progress a bit, at least 2) there is a progress toward how we react. I hope there will be no members that have to graduate from their path to reach their dream for some stupid things that we can’t handle ourselves.

    for more reference: http://stage48.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=4749&p=653012&hilit=+denial#p653012

    • CallMeBrad says:

      i’m with you. i feel anxious since i really adored ve. but i also can’t help myself not to laugh, especially when i click that link when ve says “okay.” and listened to that rocky theme. darn you angga lol

  9. HERMAN says:

    RELAX PEOPLE!!! No one has to die! (Well, everybody dies eventually. BUT not this day!) Marcell, as well as Mischa, his brother, is not a pathetic loser like G***n, he is a decent and honorable man. If I were Ve, someday, when I’m no longer JKT48 member, accepting his proposal will be the best decision I’ve ever made. As fans of her, what can we say? It’s her live and her decision. Besides, we just want her to be happy, don’t we? (A friend of mine simply told me, “C’mon bro! Just get the REAL girlfriend!” Cruel but true.)

  10. molly says:

    I’m waiting for the English translation of this video :-|

  11. xzerozero says:

    eh.. what…???

  12. Rifqi says:

    Ahahahahah :mrgreen: Looks like everyone got trolled by Ve :mrgreen: A nice move Ms. Hurricane!

    Gladly I somehow skipped that part because of stomach problem. So I’ll not (hastily) commit suicide.

    Anybody know which one is better? Razor or poison? :mrgreen:

  13. Djt says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!! …>_<…

  14. razgriz2520 says:


  15. Tomoo says:

    I think Ve is the matured lady. So it is not strange issue. Also it is OK for Ve that she will mary with a good guy sooner or later:)

  16. Anyone can tell me, whether there are any ex-AKB member that already married?

  17. Tomo says:

    About Ve. I have one memory. I saw the music video “Bukan Diriku” when I was doing Tube walking. Ve acted. I found this girl has an acting talent. Ve is not yet my OSHI-MEN. But I want to respect her talent:)

  18. Tomo says:

    Oh! really, Angga san! Did she have a role in a movie? Amazing. Can I find that movie on Tube? If you can provide some keywords for me to search the visual data on Tube, it would be highly appreciated:)

    • Angga says:

      There you go : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgEtgETz8Oc

      But it’s a very small role :D

    • KageTora says:

      Her stage name before joining JKT48 was Jessica Lontoh btw. Perhaps you can use that keyword :-D

      • Tomo says:

        Appreciate for your link providing. Found Ve! chatting with her friends dari sekolah(school). Intresting. Ve had some words. Can’t understand what she said, but interesting! On the other hand, the host of dahSyat was appeared. Is he an actor? I just guess he is a comedian(sorry for him):)

        • Djt says:

          You mean raffi ahmad? Yes he a movie star, and too bad he’s on jail today because of drugs issue. But i believe he’s not guilty

    • xzerozero says:

      She play as ‘Ade’, The main protagonist Sister’s Friend….
      i have downloaded it. and it’s a nice story, as i watched it many times just to watch Ve’s scene :lol:

  19. benimaru says:

    how is marcell?

    the dude still alive?

    • Angga says:

      Alive and kickin’ :lol:

      • benimaru says:


        glad to hear..

        me thought there will be a funeral report on one of infotaiment show.. :mrgreen:

        • xzerozero says:

          darn… nice move man…
          how he will be killed anyway? :lol:

        • KageTora says:

          I heard that night the price of voodoo dolls and the dude’s photopack rose… now I begin to worry about his twin brother :-|

          • Sergio Mario says:

            Breaking News:
            An Indonesian actor with initial MC reported dead this afternoon, found with hundreds of cuts around the body, possibly killed by a group of people. Subjects have not been found yet, its still suspicious, but a guy with initial KT is possibly the leader of this group killing, after a fingerprint found.


            LOLOLOLOL….Only a joke people, don’t take it serious!
            I’m scared now :lol:

  20. Indra KVF says:

    Eh?? EEeeeehhh??? never watch local TV, didnt know bout this one… oke then.. im off to commit SEPPUKU… >___<

  21. Wotaliano says:

    The article and video are from February, so commenting now is kind of meaningless….

    Still, I just read this now and my jaw dropped (haha)

    A massive typhoon must have hit Twitter and all Ve fans that night!

    As for me…I think I need some time in a quiet corner…..