More Drama : Ochi’s Graduation Show Cancelled


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3 Responses

  1. HERMAN says:

    What the hell is going on here. No more Neneng’s last performance . Less than 24 hours before the show? Another health problem’s reason? Don’t be naive. You gotta be kiddin’ me. How bout Neneng’s fans? They must be screwd as hell. Is the JOT behind all this stuff? Is Neneng cruel enough to banish her own loyal fans? Just like something rotten in the air.

    • Kharisma says:

      Check out ochi newest twitter account : @ochi_24, the one who cancel the graduate performance is ochi herself, don’t blame the whole things to JOT unless you are a child enough.

      • HERMAN says:

        Well, have to admit, I was wrong, you were right. I’m sorry for that. My bad. Just too much pressure. I couldn’t think clearly. But I still can’t understand, how could she do that.