Cleo’s Statement on Twitter Tonight


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6 Responses

  1. HERMAN says:

    You gotta be shi**in’ me. What’s wrong with JKT48. Despite all of the rumors, Cleo is a decent member. Too bad that she choose to grad too early. I think, in this case, JOT must be the bad guy . Well, who’s next? Hell if I know. I hope not my oshii or I’ll be doomed as shi*.

    • Angga says:

      Well, it’s not the exact moment where we played the blame game right now in my own honest opinion :) . Let’s wait until the matter clears for the mean time and support her whatever her decision is :)

      • HERMAN says:

        I think w’ell never get the clear answer or the truth for sure. You know, JOT is very intovert, they’ll only give some normative answer, that means nothing but some piece of shi*. The fact is Cleopatra Djapri, another prospective and talented member, would be graduated for some reason we’ll never know. Why’d I blame the JOT? Coz’ they’re too stupid to maintain the team “compactness”. They could but they didn’t give a shi*. All in their head is always about money. So who’s the man? JKT48’s member is the man. JOT? They just a bunch of some overpaid people, whose name I never heard.

  2. Isman Fairburn says:

    I am so happy to hear the news.
    Good bye Cleo, your departure will make JKT48 sooooo much better.

    I look forward to NOT hearing anything from you again.

    • HERMAN says:

      Hey, watchout! That’s a blasphemy in this chatroom. Beyond of all the stuff, she’s STILL a decent person. At least show some respect, will ya?

  3. Kitagawa Kenji says:

    you’ve made a very wise choice cleo, that’s good for the future of JKT48 and for the rest of its members :twisted: