Photo-pack Reselling ?


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  1. ilhamsyah says:

    the plusside : it helps me who live outside Jakarta and Java island to get my oshi’s photopack. BTW, I live in East Kalimantan Province (X____x);

    the downside : man, its cruelly expensive, especially for some popular members photopack :'(

    • Angga says:

      Well, truth to be told, I don’t think that “popular” does means that the photos are “rare” in any case. Perhaps you should find some sellers that sold the pics with more reasonable pricing especially if the packs is still in print and available to be bought publicly.

      Hopefully the official online shop will sell those packs too.

  2. ilhamsyah says:

    yes, i agree and you maybe right that “popular” doesn’t mean “rare”, but i did checked some sellers and comparing their price offerings only to got the conclusion that my oshi’s PP price range is from Rp. 120.000 – Rp. 150.000, and JNE’s shipping service to my town from jakarta or bandung would be around Rp. 22.000 – Rp. 35.000. It would seems “normal” when i ordered a T-Shirt or electronic gadget, but for a single photopack? it was a big dilemma for me, but eventually my heart made the decission more than my logic and bank account hahahaha xDD

    • Angga says:

      I personally think 120.000 is still reasonable in one way if the range is 120-150 especially if you really adored your Oshi :lol: . Think of it as the cost for hours of queue and of course you don’t have to pay for any transport fee :lol:

      Anyway, why not use the Indonesian Postal service? the “Kilat Khusus” service cost less than JNE if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Chris says:

    The funniest thing about this whole problem is that most fans still prefer buying those overpriced photopacks than trading for it :)
    I posted some photopacks for trading on groups and forums, and I wrote that I would accept both trading and buying, yet all of those who contacted me directly asked how much would I sell those photopacks :-D
    Or maybe it was because I asked for some relatively popular member’s photopacks :-P, [btw, are Rena, Dhike and Stella’s photopacks rare?]

    • Angga says:

      If there’s no official announcement that the packs were either out-of-print or were a limited sales, then it’s a no.