AKBINGO! AKB48 vs JKT48 Five Matches Summary


I’m Japanese. I like Indonesian people, culture, foods. My favorite Indonesian food is Mie Ayam. I translate and introduce Akicha's activity to Indonesia and the world.

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  1. mYth_wota says:

    thank you for the summary, i just watch the video but have no idea what they were talking about. it’s a pity the game took less than 15 minutes.
    when talking about akbingo, i expect JKT48 to do muchaburi dodgeball or shoujiki shogi. :lol:
    hope they can do that someday.

  2. Kuso Gaki says:

    “I’m JKT’s caption, so I can’t lose.”

    Aside from being JKT’s captain, Melody also has other role in JKT. Being JKT’s caption, that is.

  3. Megaaleon says:

    The early statement kinda contradict with what Nozawa Rena narrated at AKB48 X JKT48 live concert awhile ago. She said because of JKT member’s bright and cheerful personality, both group already friend even with the language problem.

    But in here they make it look like both can’.t get well because language barrier, so they resort to this game method. It’s kinda make JKT lost their friendly and cheerful attitude …….. I really hope this is just statement to make this game look interesting not a real situation.

    • Papoy says:

      yes i agree. i’d like to think that it’s just some kind of a gimmick or intended plot to make the show more interesting, since the title is akb48 versus jkt48. so it’s rather natural to bring out some tension or competition atmosphere amongst them as long as it’s just for the sake of the show and not in real life. i mean, those girls should stick together, right? :mrgreen:

  4. Papoy says:

    thanks a lot for this! i gotta question for you. this may sound silly but are you related to ShinkenAnon and megaanon?

    • Angga says:

      I’m not sure but I don’t think our Anon is a big fan of Tokusatsu’s show.

      • Papoy says:

        how do you know that? maybe besides here, anon is moonlighting on one of those toku fansubs?
        but by saying that he’s not a big fan of toku show means that he’s just a fan, right? :lol:

        ps: sorry anon, we’re talking about you behind your back :-D

  5. Hyu says:

    What episode is it?

  6. wmlx says:

    I would actually be quite interested to see the “subtle differences between what the JKT48 members were saying in Indonesian compared to what the Japanese subtitle wrote on the video”. AFAIK, notwithstanding that the Bahasa Indonesia parts didn’t get much airtime, I felt that the Japanese text on the screen was quite faithful to what the Bahasa Indonesia was.

    The only thing I can see is the part when the staff asks Ve “Boleh berkomunikasi dengan AKB?” (“Can you communicate with the AKB [members]?”) where Ve replies with “Sedikit….pakai bahasa dubuk(?)”. (A little bit…..with gestures)

    That somehow got translated to (少しだけ。。。やっぱり言葉が通じないから)

    Any plans by JKT48stuff to translate this ep?

    • Genbu says:

      For me I hear the part when the staff asks Ve “Berkomunikasi dengan AKB?” (“Do you communicate with the AKB [members]?”) where Ve replies with “Sedikit….pakai bahasa tubuh”. (A little bit…..with gestures [or literal translation: body language])

    • Angga says:

      Hence, the “subtle” ;)

      Japarta already done his take on the Indonesian on our recent article. Still no plan for English tho’

  7. Papoy says:

    hi guys. i’m planning on translating that script of summary up there into bahasa indonesia and making it as an srt/ass subtitle. i’m doing it so i don’t have to go back and forth between watching the video and looking at the summary. which one of you guys here can help checking my so-called subtitle when it’s finished??

    • Angga says:

      Japarta already did his translation on the most recent article. You can use that instead for the sub timing :D . Don’t forget to credit Japarta for his works, kay :D

      • Papoy says:

        talk about good timing. i just took a quick look and he translated the on-screen writings too. great!! actually i’ve done my own translation up until the fifth game part now, just after the jkt girls are doing “ai-n”. but i can really use japarta’s work to improve my sub. thanks japarta! and thank you for letting me know. if i were to release the sub, rest assured that i’d credit japarta for it. that’s a big if though. hehehe…