JKT48 2nd General Election Schedule and Voting Rights


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  1. benimaru says:

    any info about whether or not they will sell it again on some convenient stores?

    and about the cd price or the SMS price?

    • animevoicejanai says:

      -regular vers. cd+dvd (6 votes) in music stores.. IDR 80k
      -theater vers (3 votes) IDR 40k
      -online order (serial number for vote will be emailed first), the arrival of order depends on ur locations.

  2. Geth says:

    Is that self made flowchart ? Very nice, thanks a lot.

    • You’re welcome. It’s an edit of the official flowchart on the JKT48 website. There was a small mistake in the Japanese one, so I corrected the official one of that as well.

  3. wealthyriver says:

    This may have already been discussed before, but is there any way for foreign fans to vote? I would show my support to some members. Thank you :)

  4. Ken says:

    This time, foreign fans can easily vote because the serial numbers of CD are sent by an official e-mail if you want.
    Sorry for Japanese link.

  5. navi says:

    Can i ask something?

    I read at jkt48 official website (http://jkt48.com/pareo-wa-emerald/lineup?lang=id) that CD/DVD regular version buyer get their serial code from email. If i buy it at music store, will i get serial code inside the CD/DVD? I got confuse. Can you give me example/experience from 1st ssk voting?

    I’m new fans and pardon me if i ask too much :oops: