Flashback of The First General Election


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  1. benimaru says:

    when you stated “strong fanbase”, me believe it means financially strong, right?

    because if you refering to the first election, a certain member with 1.5mill followers can only placed 6th..

    even K3 captain was nowhere on the list despite the fact that she is (and still) one of management oshi-menba..

    be glad there is an under-girls rank now, at least the members can feel more appreciated (altho me still don’t know will there be an MV for this so-called under girls or not)..

    • J_Valz says:

      Yep, it should be financially strong to be competitive in sousenkyo, but it doesn’t mean that every fans in that fanbase have tobe financially strong.

      For example, every fans in fanbase that consist 1,5 Million followers saves Rp 40rb for a year basis. They use that money to buy CD that consist 3 eligible votes and a handshake ticket. That member will have 4,5 Million votes and her handshake session will be extremely soldout.

      4,5 Million votes is 300 times bigger than 1st position votes in last year sousenkyo. So huge. :D

      I think it’s not hard for every fans to save Rp 40rb a year, it’s only Rp 3333,33 per month. I think, even the elementary grade student could do that.

      That’s the example of huge fanbase with a solid coordination advantage. :)

  2. gorgom says:

    yeah, another senkyou! it’s time for stella to shine!

    *cry in the corner*

    seriously though, with team t join the war, i don’t even know what to expect in this year election :roll:
    currently i’m a ronin, a wota without an oshi (in jkt) :lol: so i support ’em all, kinda excited about this year senkyou :-P

  3. 4dr14n says:

    Hope jkt48stuff can make some preview for this year sousenkyo…. Plus or minus of member…

    And i think this year in my oppinion… Team T will and i hope rise… And ayen rise to….

  4. Fujiwara says:

    well i think the vote this year will be double or triple the amount of last year Sousenkyo .. .
    i think JOT made the right decision not to sale the voting CD with the mini markets .. . takes to long to distribute. . .
    JOT now focus on direct selling which i think is the best way .. . .
    well im rooting for my Oshi Haruka to beat Ve this year hopefully can take the number 2 spot from her :oops:
    but for the no 1 spot it will still be Melody until she graduated this spot will always goes to her 8-O

    • J_Valz says:

      Well, I think Veloved is the most organized fanbase in JKT48 now. Last year lost will be rocket booster for their struggle to victory this year. I hope that her fanbase could fight with Melody fanbase in tight margin.

      Haruka is another strong contender for Melody. She decided to fully concentrate on JKT48 senbatsu sousenkyo this year. If she could persuade all of her japanese fans to vote in JKT48 senbatsu sousenkyo, it’s gonna be hard even for Melody to compete with Haruka.

  5. Drey says:

    Lots name will change on the final result this year.