4 Fun Facts About Desy JKT48


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

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  1. CREA says:

    People (javanese) wouldn’t know they have an accent or not until they start talking in Indonesian, because Indonesian is not their main language. that’s why Andela just discovered that her Sister is also has an accent during her visit in Jakarta.

  2. Verranzo says:

    Here she is Risa Nasution (FTV (Indonesian television drama program) actress) :-P
    To be honest, this is a good chance for JKT48 to represent the diverse and beautiful girls from all over Indonesia.
    As she comes from Java region, along with Andela and Shani, they can become the trio diva.

    Personally, i like her to speak with accent, at least in theatre where the fans can laugh and enjoy it as her charm point.
    Also it’s a bit heartwarming when she’s tried her best to become JKT48 full=fledged member :wink:

    • WasshoiJ says:

      hey that is a great idea for the Java represent! i think it is far enough that producers should make a TV show featuring them already

  3. argus19 says:

    andela’s accent and desy’s accent both can called as medhok. specifically andela’s accent called bandek, and desy’s accent called ngapak. one of the big difference is letter ‘a’. bandek (in many case) spell “a” as “o”. ngapak keep spell “a” as “a”. example “apa”, bandek will spell “opo”, ngapak will spell “apa”
    and letter “k” in the end of word. bandek not spell it clearly, but ngapak spell it clearly. example “rujak cingur”, bandek spell it “ruja’ cingur”, ngapak spell it “rujak cingur”

    • WasshoiJ says:

      thanks that is quite enlightening! it is quite technical to explain though so I can understand if the girls/members themselves and the many youths in the fandom don’t get it. But its a great explanation!
      The common sentiment is that many love the medhok girls a lot, but it is a little of a wet blanket for others to keep pointing out that desy is ngapak only.

  4. qennedy says:

    just let andela to be the centre and desy as the team T skipper.
    she’s tall and helpful according to some of the article that I read.
    tall person stands out in the crowd, so the other members notice her presence, this trait is an added bonus to the captain criteria.

  5. gorgom says:

    haha i remember watching hkt48’s variety show, when they talk with heavy dialect, it’s sounds cute and funny too :lol:
    i wonder how japanese fan thinks about javanese dialect :lol:

    *obor2 congor disik la* :lol:

  6. Luthfi says:

    Well, I really like because of her lovable face that I noticed from twitter. I suddenly felt like “love in the first sight” in that time. And I finally decided her as my oshimen. FYI, before knew her, I just like the group as a whole (Hako-oshi).
    And about her accent? I find it as her appeal and nothing to be ashamed because of it. I don’t really know why she feels like that but when she tries (very hard) to hide it, it sounds weird. Especially when she tries to talk with Jakarta accent (like use “gue” for I or “lo” for you). She just needs to be herself, I think. And, I’ll support her just the way her is.