Who is Riskha Fairunissa?


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

6 Responses

  1. ilhamsyah says:

    Ikha is my oshi. Thanks for the vote, so she can be in this feartured article, guys. Thanks and nice article too, mr WasshoiJ ^^

  2. Nathan says:

    It’s always amusing to remember that the guy (you-know-who) who skipped the hi-touch during the 2nd generation’s early days is now one of the biggest fans of Team KIII :twisted:

  3. Joco says:

    I really like Ikha’s kind of touching smile.
    Wish that she would be the Senbatsu member in this year :-D

  4. Joco says:

    sorry, Senbatsu Sousenkyo member.