The Success of Joint Concert, Experience, and the Future


A fanboy , support with attitude

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  1. WasshoiJ says:

    i wonder how many experiencing withdrawal symptoms already

  2. Fujiwara says:

    .annoying local AKB fans aside it is a great concert. . . . .. Okada Nana really make the Indonesian fans goes crazy everytime the cameraman shoot her face LOL :-P

  3. Redue says:

    Everybody can see that it wasn’t a piano (acoustic) nor an electronic keyboard. It was a digital piano.

  4. Enrico A. says:

    Although the latter part did give some kudos to JKT48, with balanced review, the first half of the article though… I can see that the writer is a total AKB48 fan. Should you cut the second half of the article, this article could pass off as a non JKT48 article, which would seem weird to be published in -JKT48- stuff. But the last segment balanced it out just a little bit.