Let’s Play With Data: The Management’s Pick


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  1. razgriz2520 says:

    The Chosen 7
    That kinda have a nice ring to it hahaha:))

  2. kurawa says:

    Om bekkur finally going international. Cheers… :-D

    Semoga artikel-artikel lainnya juga bisa naik tayang di stuff…,

  3. skyman says:

    7 eleven

  4. WasshoiJ says:

    this is really interesting! feel bad about rona though. i hope they give her another shot in 2015 senbatsu.
    i don’t see why they shouldn’t. especially since they gave her a solo song in the 3rd anniversary concert, and since rona is getting better known after the bad-assery Honda BeAT CMs

    • J_Valz says:

      Yep, 2014 is not a good year for Rona. Let see at the next single, whether she will be selected by the management or not? If not, I hope JOT will give her, at least, solo single pathway.

      Rona is too good to be neglected.

  5. Kai says:

    Out of those 7 management favorites, only Naomi who looks like she doesn’t have strong enough power in fan-voting event wise. Even though she managed to participate in 2013 PDRS but she failed in 2014 Senbatsu Calendar, 2014 PDRS, 2014 Senbatsu Sousenkyo and 2015 Senbatsu Calendar.
    Well, recently Naomi has managed to sell out some of her Kazefu HS sessions even before the day of Kazefu HS event but it’s too premature to say that this surge will continue on to 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo.

    • J_Valz says:

      Yep, Naomi is indeed the ‘weakest’ one from those 7 management favorites in terms of fan-voting event. The second one is Yupi, which only managed to ‘won’ the voting in 2013 PDRS and placed 12th in 2014 senbatsu sousenkyo. Vienny and Yona from K3 have better record in terms of fans-voting event.

      The rest of them are considerably strong in fans-voting event, especially Haruka (5 from 5), Melody (4 from 5), and veranda (4 from 5).

      Let’s see in the next senbatsu sousenkyo. Can Naomi turn her fate? It will be really fun to watch. :lol:

  6. animevoicejanai says:

    and, can someone compile CM ‘senbatsu’ also?
    I think its interesting too…


    goes to ‘Japan’ senbatsu? lol

    Show the data all about management’s pick in any event… :lol:

  7. benimaru says:

    had a strange feeling that me have read this before :-?

    but forgot where..

  8. Akbar says:

    Since JKT48 released 1st single ‘River’, there are 5 members that are always selected by the management and fans in every single, they are Melody, Ve, Haruka, Nabilah and Shania.

  9. kyon says:

    Tujuh Member Harimau / Seven Tiger Member,
    yeah, a pun on that tv series… :v

  10. joco says:

    My Kami-Seven would probably be Melody, Ve, Haruka, Shanju, Beby, Nabilah and Vienny :)

  11. yoyoyo says:

    ikr, melody – the ace
    ve – hardcore fans
    haruka – famous bcs ini talk show
    shania – the “mayuyu”
    nabilah – hardcore fans
    yupi – team K ace
    naomi – team K captain

  12. riduch says:

    first of all I want to say sorry to all yupi fans, but I think she doesn’t deserved to be included in every single due to her dancing and singing capabilities which are very so so. well maybe she deserved at some, but not all… sorry but I really want to say this

    • gorgom says:

      IMHO, that’s the beauty of idol group. maybe you can’t sing or dance, but if you catch fans attention, you got your ticket to popularity. let’s face it, in jkt48, only a few can really sing (ayen, sendy, noella, stella (?)… )…and their dancing skill is…well…mediocre at best (if you compare it to “real” pro). so yeah, it’s just that you don’t need any reason at all to support someone in idol group! :wink: