Maturing as a JKT48 Trainee: Sofia Meifaliani Google+ Post


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

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  1. nn says:

    It’s long story to explain even adult thoughts,.. she’s good.. :))

  2. she’s my oshimen. and i’m proud for what she had done in JKT48. maybe she’s just a mediocre member of JKT48 Gen 3, but somewho, her personality make me understand what happen inside her mind. she’s try so honestly to tell to public that, ” this me, sofia”. thanks for your article of her.

  3. Ryanto says:

    I agree with jhonson, my first oshimen is elaine, but now sofia is my member favourite too, i know she’s only member mid range in Generation 3, but she have potential, and I think she’s great. I hope sofia doesnt give up, keep fighting to get place in Team T :-D

  4. Muhammad Bagus N says:

    she have a great spirit, she have a beauty personality, alwaya exited for anything, she always greatful for what was she done, and so much positif things that she have. thats why i support her. you know what? i know she is a great person in the first time i saw her, and i have been interested to support her, she so welcome to everyone. hope the best for her. thanks for your statement :) and im sorry if this comment contains a wrong words

  5. I feel sofia deserve to be supported, he has good skills and a beautiful voice. please support the couch continue

  6. AdiL says:

    I dont know why i like her..
    But i believe since the first see… her hospitality, her smile… all like give me a spirit.. and make me can’t say good bye.. i wanna meet sofia againt, againt.. you must know she is the real idol.. cuz she never lied when she smiles.
    Sorry my english not well.. haha.. =))

  7. masvren says:

    I just think and I believe sofia will be a star :)

  8. ebeenn says:

    i hope she always doing her best so she can get the best too… :wink:

  9. WasshoiJ says:

    I think it’s a blessing to see that Sofia is being supported and accepted for who she is, by all of you guys. I hope more good things come her way :)