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Jakarta Shimbun Entry

Special ability & Hobby: Basketball
Favorite word: “Everything happens for a reason”

Want to be the captain

She served as a captain of the basketball club when she was in her third year of junior high school, and as a vice captain in her second year. “Hopefully, my experience becomes the power to grow younger players,” she thought.

“I was a captain, but I didn’t like showing off. So I supported my teammates from behind the scenes instead of instructing something”, Sofia said. She was beloved as a “friendly captain who is watching over us” by her juniors in the club and classmates. She is good at the three-point shot in games. She had been through lots of training, and in the game she scored many points. Her position was the shooting guard.

“If given the chance, I want to become a captain of JKT,” she said with great enthusiasm. In JKT, every one of them is unique like Melody, the current captain. “It’s nice if we can build a relationship while respecting each other, including senior members,” she smiled.

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Profile Video

Hi all, my name is Sofia Meifaliani. You can call me Sofi or Sofia or any name you like. I am 16 years old. People say that I have a bitchy resting face, but it is only my face. Actually, I am not mean or dismissive at all. People also say that I am a shy person when it comes to talking because I have very low voice and almost unheard. But I only act like that to the people I’m not familiar with.

My motivation to be JKT48 member is to make my parent, family and friends proud of me. I would like to be a better person too. I hope my existence in JKT48 is meaningful to JKT48 to be a better group, such as having performance in famous places all over the world. I wish that JKT48 could broad their popularity, not only popular in teenagers group but also popular in children to elderly group.

Thank you. Bye!

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23 APRIL 1998