JKT48 Pajama Drive Live Streaming E-Ticket


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  1. yhyksk says:

    yeah. alhamdulillah. :wink:

  2. sa-nu-si says:

    Great news! But from what i experienced, we only allow to transfer money at 50.000 rupiah or more from an atm right? i don’t know about other bank policy. or via internet-banking maybe? Far fans (in indonesia) should be very happy. I hope this will continue in a positive way. Regular show maybe?

    • Saikyo says:

      I successfully transferred the fee (exactly Rp. 27.500,-, no more no less) via KlikBca.com (BCA internet banking).

  3. gorgom says:

    regular show stream plz :oops:

    it’s janky here and there, but hey…it’s something :roll:

  4. animevoicejanai says:

    I think this stream meant to be for fans in Indonesia, and not a priority for overseas.
    btw, JOT not yet officially announced,.right?
    this is just fans find out..?! :roll:

    and I tried to checkout, then got email with order details. but still waiting details for bank accout to trasnfer to.. :?:

    • ken says:

      Is it? A pity though. Hope they will provide more for overseas fans next time. It’s not that we don’t want to pay for it to see the girls..

  5. shunusuke says:

    Wow.. great improvement from JOT. It might be many trouble here and there, but I really appreciate it. :D

  6. japanese JKT48 fan says:

    Hemat.com web site will accept credit card but only for transaction above Rp 100.000.
    I have tried to buy 4 x e-tickets, Credit card can be acceptable.
    But maybe only the name of the Indonesian city will be acceptable in the Kec./Kota section.
    The name of Japanese city could not be accepted.

  7. q says:

    I think
    – BCA
    – Mandiri
    – IonPay (Mastercard,Visa)
    IonPay for overseas fans..