Surabaya Concert Poster


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  1. Jun says:

    talking about sailor seifuku, it reminds me to AKB’s Everyday Kachuusa MV

  2. Raiden-Rose says:

    I really like Surabaya concert poster. IMO, they should create new posters for each concert they do. I really dislike that that last week RISE and SHINE concert in Medan still used old poster where you could still see Akicha, Rena and other JKT graduated members on it. Anyway, NEW SHIP may very well be one of the Surabaya concert setlist’ songs.
    On unrelated topic regarding GINGHAM CHECK Concert this month: We can finally meet Chikarina and watch the performance of JKT Gingham Check single’s coupling songs.

  3. Peacecraft says:

    Talking about sailor, they also have “Suifu wa Arashi ni Yume wo Miru” -pelaut yang melihat mimpi di tengah badai-
    Really like that song…

  4. yamidans says:

    I really love with the poster,as well of seifuku!! ^_^
    Can’t wait they are perform in my hometown,let’s sail together girl :-P
    Don’t forget abouth #SurabayaGreenConcert project too

  5. octop says:

    it reminds to Josuke Higashikata from Jojolion, maybe Ghaida can do some Jojo pose.

  6. Yui'i says:

    Its Fresh to see it, I like the poster….
    Simple, Humble but COOL..
    JOT must do it, because they must give “PRIORITY” fo all 16 Senbatsu Winner….

    They done it know…nice

  7. CP9 says:

    The girls on the poster, please CMIIW (the poster looks a bit blurry):
    From left to right
    Upper row : Rica, Beby, Haruka, Melody, Ve, Shania, Nabilah, Kinal
    Lower row: Dhike, Thalia, Vienny, Ghaida, Yona, Yupi, Ayana, Jeje

    • CP9 says:

      Well, I’m not sure if it’s Dhike or Hanna at Thalia’s right.

      • CP9 says:

        Self-corrected. That’s Hanna at Thalia’s right. Silly me, I didn’t even notice at first that all the girls on the poster are the 1st JKT Senbatsu Sousenkyo winners.

        • Jvalz says:

          Those are 16 members from last senbatsu sousenkyo. :)

          It seems that JOT will follow the AKB policy afterwards, the priority for the member that gonna be pushed is come from senbatsu sousenkyo member. We will see less Dhike, Naomi, and Rona in further days. Unless, we can make them get back into the senbatsu sousenkyo list. :(

          • Yui'i says:

            Of cource….
            Moreover, if all 16 members were rarely absent, then it is definitely this 3 and all other members rarely appear on show…….Thats it

          • Joel says:

            LOL. Nice prediction but NOT absolutely right.
            – Every singles that were released after each Senbatsu Sousenkyo singles (EXCEPT for the Janken Taikai/Winter ones), also known as singles whose participating members were hand-picked by management (e.g.: fall, spring, and summer singles), are NOT based on Senbatsu Sousenkyo results. One good example: Ricchan (Kawaei Rina). Despite only ranked 25th place in 2013 Senbatsu Sousenkyo and missed out on ‘Koi Suru Fortune Cookie’ single following its results, Ricchan were hand-picked by management for ‘Heart Ereki’ (2013 Fall single), ‘Mae Shika Mukanee’ (2014 Spring single), and ‘Labrador Retriever’ (2014 Summer single).
            – Ricchan and Annin both are ones of management favorites as 16 members representing AKB48 in media (TV performance and other events) despite only ranked 25th and 30th respectively in 2013 Senbatsu Sousenkyo.
            I personally believe that for JKT48 next singles (AFTER JKT Senbatsu Sousenkyo one aka Gingham Check), we will likely see the returning faces that are management’s favorites such as Naomi, etc. or even one or some of 3rd Gen aces! Meaning that those who are part of 2014 JKT Senbatsu Sousenkyo winners BUT NOT part of management’s favorites will more than likely to drop out of the next singles. As for the commercials, clients’ wishes also play a major factor in determining members that are chosen to “accompany” those who are considered as JKT48 “faces”.

          • Jvalz says:

            Well, that’s an interesting fact. I completely forgot about that. :)

            It’s true that in AKB48, if senbatsu sousenkyo single (or usually janken single) is not sold so good (or just quite good), AKS will change the senbatsu in the next single back to the best selling member composition before.

            But that will work in Japan, because some fans buy AKB48 CD if their oshi in senbatsu list. Otherwise, they will pass the CD or just buy it for attending the handshake event. I’m not sure if this phenomenon will work in JKT48. I think for JKT48, it will not affect the CD sales because JKT48 fans buy the CD purely for collection or attending the handshake festival, ignoring which member are in senbatsu list. Need more data to analyzed this phenomenon further. :)

            Thanks for the info. Some member that used to be management favorite still have chance to get into senbatsu position in next single, especially Naomi, Dhike, and Rona.

  8. stevrum says:

    Jalesveva Jayamahe :)