Rina Chikano Send-off at AKB48 Team K Senshuuraku

Richardson Kilis

Richardson H. Kilis is a U.S.-educated Indonesianist who studies the relationship of technology and cultural exchange.

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  1. abaone94 says:

    Despite the opinion on her and the sentiment regarding her transfer to JKT48, I’m glad to know that she still had a decent send-off celebration with team K. Also, from what I read on forums and twitter, her fans gave message cards with Indonesian flag as a gesture to accompany her departure. This is good form of support for her from Japanese fans.

    I hope that she can be like Harugon, where she can strive and success even when she’s faraway from home. It is also a good way to prove to the world that JKT48 is not some “alcatraz” thingy as many had said before. As long as she dedicate herself, I guarantee that she will be loved by everyone here.

    By the way, Gon is back in Japan right now. Maybe she will go back here with Chikarina in company :-D

  2. KartikaSat says:

    well, really excited to watch Chikarina’s action in Indonesia. And i hope, Chikarina wont become a “second” Akicha. pretty sad to know that many Indonesian wota dislike Akicha just because she cant make much appearance as much as Haruka.

    • Leongekicau says:

      Sad but understandable but I don’t think the feelings reach to dislike just don’t like as in tak sayang. I believe you are Indonesian based on your username so you should have known the meaning of the proverb “Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang” which means Don’t know means don’t like. After all it is hard to like something that you didn’t know.

      Due to the lack of understanding can lead to hate sometimes as can be seen with racial attack in the past or the narrow minded of those extreme religious people. If they know more about others it wouldn’t be like that

    • Yui'i says:

      I like her,…but I don’t know her uniqueness….
      also I’m disappointed of her,…. because she just leave her new fans without worry….

  3. zakky26 says:

    What did she said here?

    • Japarta says:

      Hello, zakky26-san.
      This is it.

      すごく今はすっきりしていて すがすがしい気持ちです
      AKB48では 結構ダンスとか歌はここでがんばってきたので

      Yuasa-san no Hige gugu!
      *Mustache Google+ by Yuasa-san
      Right now AKB48 TeamK’s Senshuraku finished.
      Well, now I feel fine and fresh after I said on the stage what I myself had been thinking of.
      And you guys, thanks for this (flower stand)!
      As I have been working hard for singing and dancing in AKB48, I’ll do my best to have good chemistry and to go for Senbatsu member (in JKT48).
      So please come to see JKT48
      Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu
      Ostukare sama deshita

      • zakky26 says:

        Thank you Japarta-san for the translation!
        Pretty much the same from what she said at the mc session….

      • zakky26 says:

        Thank you for the translation Japarta-san!!
        The key to success for her here is focus and dedication,and adaptation…that’s all

      • Juna says:

        Sankyu japarta-san :wink:

      • Jvalz says:

        I hope she can adapt with Indonesian culture and Jakarta’s situation. She should change her look a bit to become more “younger” if she want to have a better start. Somehow, JKT48 image is a bit “loli”. :)

      • Joco says:

        I hope Chikarina would be able to communicate in Bahasa Indonesian when she’s joins the JKT48 group.
        Experienced singing and dancing in AKB48 would be fine, but communication problems would lead you up like Akicha.

  4. aldo says:

    at this point
    i feel like
    JKT48 have become like America
    the land of the opportunity hahaha

    and i do pity on Akicha
    she will be always the example of failure
    and it will be carried out till the rest of her life

    since JKT48 it’s the new hottest news at the moment
    i think the transfer of Chikano will had a quite good media coverage
    last thing, i do hope for Chikano will be in JKT48 right at the senbantsu announce event

  5. Yui'i says:

    She just need to work hard, give warm heart for fans & be a friends of all member.
    Also The idea that she need looks more young, cute & funny….it’s IMPORTANT

  6. riejal says:

    regarding to chikano rina.
    I’d like some to create article from her last interview. from her G+

    this the link.

    thank you :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: