Akicha, Rena, and Chikariina


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  1. thana says:

    “better to be rich in africa rather than be poor in america”

    • riejal says:

      agreed, … even flower can grow on the dessert. *(all thanks to engineering and science).

    • Yui'a says:

      So you place indonesia as Africa & Japan as America…?..wooow COOL
      I hope you can to go to America soon…

      Do you think the rivalry in JKT48 less of challenge?….,
      I hope you correct your work..
      The fact is Takajo Aki back to japanese not only because her Agency & Family problem, BUT……

      —- little HARSH to said—-

      The FACT is Akicha lose in battle with HARUKA in JKT48…..

      —- it’s implicit statement by AKB48 manajement in JAPAN—-

    • benimaru says:

      not to be rude, but it seems your metaphor a bit wrong, because africa is indeed a very rich continent (oil, gas, and mine industry)..

      especially northern part and the central part of the continent..

      • ken says:

        Haha…yeah I think so too. It just how they manage and use whatever resources they have. In this Chikariina case, she should grab the opportunity that is been given to her to gain recognition and move forward.

      • penunggang naga indosiar says:

        it’s pretty sharp metaphor actually..

  2. Muhammad Nur Ikhsan says:

    Sadly, until now I have not accomplished 2 shot with Akicha and Rena. Do I have to join the Shamekai event in Japan? :(

  3. ken says:

    I’m actually excited to see her in JKT. Her “not-so-spectacular” track record as you said it Mr. Angga doesn’t matter to me. I hope she can challenge herself with this transfer. This transfer shows that JKT as international sister group of AKB gaining more attention and they should not be underestimated by others. One more thing, is Mariyannu still with SNH or transfer back to AKB as Sae Is double member of SNH and SKE? As this transfer is not finalized, just wait and see. Anyways, welcome to JKT48 Chikariina!!!!

    • Vamos says:

      Ken: “One more thing, is Mariyannu still with SNH or transfer back to AKB as Sae Is double member of SNH and SKE?”
      > Mariyannu is double team with SNH48 and AKB48 team K. Prior to yesterday shuffle, she was double team with SNH48 and AKB48 team B.

  4. Momo says:

    I’ll be rooting for chikarina! If do remember some jkt members have their own so called dating scandal, but nobody cares any ways! I hope to see you with JKT soon chikarina! ^^

  5. Yui'a says:

    Rena fans in indonesia.. Renaisance and other will crying begin this night..heeeee..
    We know rena is good enough to her fans in indonesia,..
    She still greating her fans in her Google+..daily.

    I think Rena Nozawa won’t coming back to Indonesia, EXCEPT she have good reason come to Indonesia, like holidays or meet her fiends in JKT48…
    And For Rena N, Hopefully you’ll be the best in Japanese and Never Forget Your fans here.. We’ll miss you

  6. tomomo says:

    well, that’s the surprise today….
    can wait final desicion…..

  7. Je says:

    Hi everyone, first of all: I still don’t get this idea of JKT48 being kind of a Alcatraz (If someone can explain, i’ll be glab)
    I think JKT48 is getting bigger and bigger, here in Brazil, we have a JKT48 fan base, it’s not big, but we still think the JKT is doing really well, since it’s a new concept of music to Indonesia.
    But that’s not why i’m here xD
    I’m a brazilian fan of JKT48, my first oshimen was Olivia, but she left, so i was rooting for diasta, but she left too :/
    I know AKB since 2009, and Chikariina was my very first oshimen. Since she was never promoted at all in AKB48, i was already accepting the idea of a graduation for her :/ And she was the only reason i still paying attention to AKB. I became a fan of JKT48 since their debut, and i start to focus only in JKT and forgget about AKB (since they don’t promote my oshimen :/)
    But when i saw those news, i started to cry. Chikariina, my oshimen being part of my favourite group… It’s like a dream! I really hope she do well in JKT48, she’s cheerful, hardworker and charismatic, and she dances and sings really well! I’m couting on you guys, to support chikariina in JKT with me. Please, be kind with her, she deservers a lot of love. (sorry about the mistakes ._.)
    MIRAKURU MIRAKURU! KITTO KURU! (A miracle, a miracle will surely comes) <3

  8. sunred says:

    I think Haruka has pretty much revealed the formula to gain loyal fans in Indonesia.
    If Rina is really keen, and brings genuine intention of moving forward with JKT48, I think it will be no time before she assumes her place as JKT48’s front-liners.

    Whether her “management” will support that or not, it won’t matter much in my eyes.
    I think this excuse is a bit outdated. Sorry to a certain idol who has just “fully transferred” back to AKB48; I never bought that.
    Apart from the mystery and glamour of the showbiz world, people’s genuine intention transpires.

    so, Rina, two contrasting examples; your choice.

  9. benimaru says:

    there once an original member of AKB48 gen 3, she is not well known at the beginning, even there were some negative rumour about her (her alcoholic habit, her dad affiliation with the yakuza, list goes on)..

    this member then transferred to a country so far away that (as the author say) make her look like “kicked out” to some godforsaken place (even some of her fellow countrymen does not know where it is)..

    but surprisingly, this member manage to gain popularity, becoming an icon of the group, appear in several CM, appear in one of local tv drama, and manage to made her name written in the history of J-entertainment industry as the most succesfull international idol group member (she even more well known on her country now since the transfer happen)..

    in short, things seems going even better for her since the transfer..

    that was a brief history of our Haruka Nakagawa 8)

    • niy says:

      Akhica allowed to move to Indonesia because she has good ethics and morals. But she was unlucky because no approved by her agents and family

      Haruka allowed to move to Indonesia because she is considered as a free-girl and outspoken… and she have a great success, because Indonesian people are not too concerned with ethics. JUST need quite a good moral person.

      Chika Rina allowed to move for WHAT reason, we will wait it .. hopefully she can make success here. I have no data at all about her know …

    • sa-nu-si says:

      I’ve been heard that alcohol-problem part, but Gon is somehow ‘unbelievably irresistible’ right? Loveable :D? Anyways.. another original members of AKB48 will always be interesting. And i Did my homework with this Chikariina, and well, It’s getting more interesting.. to me for sure. So, ganbarre Gon & Chikariina!

    • indr@ says:

      ..and then she lives happily ever after……..in Jakarta :mrgreen:

  10. niy says:

    JUST one word that should she determine in his heart, in order to survive in Indonesia ..


    I guarantee my word… ~))0

  11. niy says:

    She’s the same age as Ve-JKT48 & Sendy-JKT48….
    Curious to wait her penampilan in JKT48.. Hope she able to survive

  12. nn says:

    Just found full member transfered.. http://www.akb48.co.jp/page/daisokaku/

    Abroad transfer just JKT48, not include SNH48
    First line ” Rina Chikano to JKT48 “…It’s Highlight News

  13. nn says:

    News Highlight…
    Chikano Rina is classmates with former members Nakatsuka Tomomi and ==> Naruse Risa

    It’s hits or hot or will make ne scandal……hhihihiih

  14. renayaa says:

    its really Rena Nozawa Fully transfered from JKT48 to AKB48 Tim B, because I found new update that she still in kennin (CONCURRENT) members.. but Takajo Aki is fully transfered to AKB48 Tim B. Whats the real news here….

  15. yhyksk says:

    welcome to jkt48 chikariina.

  16. stevrum says:

    i hope she will become JAKARINA :wink:

  17. tomomo says:

    What’ next hehehehehe

  18. tomomo says:

    Well, maybe my post is not really connected with the topic….
    but i think i would share my though trough this post
    I’m very busy this week so i don’t really frequently check JKT48 related forums
    And last night I get a lot of time to read comments in some JKT48 related forums (including international forum)
    And the result after i read those is i’m shocked….. really shocked…. why?
    It’s because i read a lot of comments that show this points:
    – JKT48 is a place for left over member of Japan members
    – Some fans said that JKT48 is a place to destroy Japan member
    from those fact i just say that judge JKT48 from a one way view is very naive, well their didn’t know the view of member that’s transfered…… and the result from the transfer in the future. Well, Akicha has a bit hard position in JKT48 so she can not fully active in JKT48. In other hand, Haruka has a good condition that allows her to show her true passion in the transfer. So, it’s not easy to say that JKT48 is a place to destroy Japan member. I would like to call JKT48 as a new beginning for the senior member…… Like Haruka, she started again with JKT48…… I think Akicha will be like Haruka if she has good condition like Haruka.

    • nn says:

      Whose comment that?..

      If relate to Akicha than maybe they just wrong information.
      Akicha fail in indonesia because she does’nt behave to do a TOTAL thing here, besides her problem with agency & family.

      See Haruka, She throw all her past PRIDE and she begin from ZERO to HERO in JKT48.
      And what happen then, She get BIG success man.. It’s fact

      If Abroad Fans said that JKT48 is a place for left over member of Japan members.
      Come on man, OPER YOUR EYES and see the truth.

      See Haruka, She has be a one HIGHLIGHT NEWS in Japan since 5 Month ago.
      and what happen next time, I assure she still get BIG success here, maybe she will have more parts in indonesian film industry

      If Chikano Rina Success here in her carreer in next time in JKT48,
      I think you who judge by your subjective opinion only, must wash your headthought cleanly..

      • tomomo says:

        From an international forum….. I can’t say the forum but that’s a famous 48 forum
        well, i think the comment from non Indonesian fans or foreign people who lack of information of JKT48

    • Akiriku says:

      I didn’t expect it, and I absolutely agree with what you uttered about Akicha. 8-O That’s what I… indeed it has happened since the beginning, it’s what I’ve been realized since the early period of her presence.

  19. Vamos says:

    Chikarina’s “not-so-spectacular” track record Angga talked about:
    – As Sousenkyo goes: Out of five Sousenkyo she took part of, she NEVER ranked at all.
    – As Senbatsu for AKB single (main/1st track/A-side song) goes: Only ONCE for Chance no Junban (the 1st Janken Tournament single back in 2010).

    Haruka (Gon)’s track record is slightly better:
    – As Sousenkyo goes: Out of four Sousenkyo she took part of, she didn’t rank on the 1st one, and then she ranked 20th, 24th, and 44th on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sousenkyo respectively.
    – As Senbatsu for AKB single (main/1st track/A-side song) goes: TWICE for Chance no Junban (the 1st Janken Tournament single) and Heavy Rotation (the 2nd Sosenkyo single) all in 2010.

  20. Sulung says:

    can anyone here translating dai kokaku matsuuri, please… I beg of you :cry:

  21. Zf says:

    Otw asking a refund to the dukun (indonesian shaman) that i paid to get matsuoka natsumi transferred to jkt48!! Hahha jk..

    I’m a bit worried that haruka is putting too much of her eggs in the indonesian basket though. Fans support can only do so much in terms of film or even tv industry. She had ruffled some feathers during the disbanding of warota, it would be very awkward should she (god forbid) got stuck in her career whilst having alienated a lot of her japanese fans. What with 3rd gen coming and all..

  22. babakbelor says:

    ane mah numpang komen aja yak, ane sebenernya kaga tau nie porum apaan, abis ngeklik ling kaga jelas geto dah awkawkawkw