Renai Kinshi Jourei Senshuuraku


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  1. eyelessdemon says:

    hmm shonichi … senshuuraku … i really envy you guys who have watch them in theater. me? never had the chance to go there. hope soon i will :)
    anw, how about the 3rd gen? Is the Pajama Drive will be their first setlist?

    • RozkOK says:

      I don’t care about Shonichi or Senshuuraku! I have watched all three setlists (PD, RKJ, BnT) on regular shows (not the Shonichi and Senshuuraku ones). Nothing special about Shonichi or Senshuuraku of either shows except the drama.

  2. mikomiko says:

    Just my opinion, I think the news about new setlist will be announced in 2nd Anniversary concert December 21st, 2013. Show 1 new setlist for BnT and show 2 new setlist for RKJ… :mrgreen:

    • mikomiko says:

      Show 1 for BnT, I mean new setlist for Team KIII and show 2 for RKJ means new setlist for Team J.
      sorry for my bad English :oops:

  3. kameshisha says:

    I hope they’ll switch the setlist.
    I want to see team J doing Laydown! 8-O :mrgreen:
    If that happens, both teams will have hard time removing that tag of RKJ = team J & BnT = team K

    well, anything will do.. hahaha… :-D

  4. Noellafuru says:

    but, many people issued the rumour that the new setlist for J is A2 ‘Aitakatta’. but it’s still only a rumour, after all. :-|

  5. aldo says:

    is that true?
    the rumor?
    that says the next setlist will be Aitakatta?
    if it’s true
    i would be so excite about that