Is Idol Business A Manipulation of Love?


another fans who found sanctuary in FX 4th floor by being some smart aleck

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  1. Cl4p Trap says:

    Interesting and provoking but,
    The origin of so called ANTI-LOVE-RULE
    The presence of female fans
    One variable could diminishing each other

  2. WasshoiJ says:

    Great articles to set you thinking, although I think it might have been better to separate them and discuss both of them on its own.
    The love-ban rule—– who knows who and why was it created in the first place? Certainly however, I do agree that the impact and effect from the rule has led to many, consciously or unconsciously, agreeing to fall into this “fantasy” relationship with an idol.

    Now I don’t want to critically defend this “fantasy” relationship but I believe it has its merits too. Boosts of confidence to personal esteem, being able to have a chance to talk and meet a pretty girl in person, having a role model, watching over someone you wanna support who is growing into a better individual— all these are the other more positive influences many people don’t talk about.

    Imo, it’s important to keep the relationship healthy. Indulge in whatever you want, but always keep things realistic and keep it fun and enjoyable. (Not overly real though, because personally that’s not what I want when I’m trying to enjoy a fandom or a hobby)

  3. Tilly says:

    Renai Kinshi Jourei (Anti-Love Rule) is going to be banal.

    Almost every idol state it, and because this rule is so well-known, they’ve lost all their power. Day by day we found the rule is cliched and later we would find it annoying.


  4. Johnny says:

    Hello..first time commenting here..very nice article..i took this idoling business quite casually past these 2 years..being from outside jakarta, maybe i’m a little bit safe from the temptation of watching a theater because the trip costs quite some money for me..that’s until i watched the 2nd anniv concert last week…the concert was very mindblowing and made me understand why there’s a lot of people going to theater for 50 + times..:D it’s different from basic music performance only concerts or even kpop concerts (debatably i only watched a kpop concert once and its a subjective opinion, but kpop doesnt show the progress of the performers from poor to amazing performances)..the eyelock thing (had it on the “bonus 3rd concert :oops: ), the fanservices (“cute” faces and stuff), etc. made me experience the limerence you mentioned..

    after the concert, i immediately felt thirsty for more JKT48 stuff..browsed internet all day and night even at work (whoops) to get their news update and fancam videos..especially when dear stella is leaving :( .. and then i got my own limerence experience when i browsed some ve videos (my oshi) before sleep, i literally dreamed being on a photoshoot with her posing some dangerous positions :-D and me taking the photos, while chatting like close friends..when i woke up, it felt like..damn, why i dreamed of someone i don’t even know personally at all..thus this concious subconcious manipulation pretty much make sense now..

    and about the “love ban rule”, i think it is quite an important factor on idol business..when someone you admire so much, gives a lot of her/his love back to someone else, it kinda pisses off//letdown your feelings somehow..and on this group (JKT48), your fans will start to lose hope (even if its very impossible for them to be realistically dating that idol), and start to think: why would i support so much if they give their love to someone’s not exclusive to male fans, female fans will also experience jealousy imho..probably the same feeling as if you hang out so much with your same gender best friend, then suddenly he/she got in a relationship and gradually doesnt hang out with you a lot anymore..there’s some sort of dissapointment, anger, etc. (what about the “bro’s before ho’s” rule? do you hate hanging out with me now? etc.)..that’s all about it..hope you understand what i’m saying :)

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