The Phase and The Crossroads


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  1. abaone94 says:

    The three team J members who had arrived in the mastery phase is really sparking my interest.

    Hmm, I wonder who are these three?

  2. KacaL says:

    My wild guess: Melody, Stella, Shania? Gosh, I do not even considered Ve as one of them! XD

  3. NSANDERS says:

    a solid n easy to understand article..
    n most of them is just a teenagers… for goin thru this phases…
    but i think there’s more who already arrived at mastery phase..

  4. yahya says:

    only three??hmmm. i don’t think so. :-P

  5. Adi Putra says:

    One that directly pop in my head, is Nabilah.. I guess Nabilah would be the first member that reached mastery phase… I see Nabilah as ambitious and mature girl although she is the youngest but she already know what is she going to do.
    After that there Ayana and Rena..

  6. Arya says:

    Nice article. Fans should read that. It’s certainly good as learning example.

  7. Tilly says:

    Hi guys,

    Welcome to my article :)

    I was quite surprised that so far none of you guess Haruka in mastery phase. Basically, my prediction about those three in mastery phase is Haruka, Nabilah, and Rica, (or Diasta).

    I agree with Adi Putra about Nabilah. She is very loyal because she owed JKT48 so much, she is very lucky to have prominent position in JKT48. But sometimes it’s like a chicken and egg problem, which come first. Because Nabilah is famous, she is loyal or because she is loyal, she is famous

    About Diasta, it is pretty much because Diasta is typical of nrimo person (I don’t know how to define ‘nrimo’ in English). Perhaps she understood that she can’t beat the others to the top and she decided to befriend with the circumstances.

    Let the discussion goes on, it’s getting more interesting now

    • Adi Putra says:

      Actually I exclude Haruka and Akicha because they were member of AKB for years (right?) so it will be no surprise they already in master phase..
      But second thought.. being in JKT48 for them is such a culture shock.. yeah they have to adapt again.. Haruka surely reach master phase.. Akicha.. with double position and often in Japan, I think it become easier for her.. rather than in Jakarta..

    • abaone94 says:

      For myself, the ones that I predict would be in the mastery phase would be: Melody, Shania, and Rica. But if there is more of J members who got into this phase, I could add Nabilah, Nyashu, Cigul, Ve, Sendy, and Captain Kinal.

      I don’t know if Gon and Akicha should be included though. Their status in this phase depended on the group. Maybe they have reached the phase in AKB but not JKT, or vice versa. Nevertheless, they are almost certain to be in this phase, since they’ve been around as idols for years.

  8. zakky26 says:

    Stella for certain is one of those 3 members….she said it once that she wants to stay in JKT48 for a very long time..even forever if it’s possible :D

    • Johny says:

      I don’t think stella is one of the members that has reached the mastery phase. From my point of view, she would prefer to do bima shooting or modelling rather than to be an idol that dances and sings for fans in theater for a long time. For example, her attendance in the theater is getting rarer and rarer.

      • zakky26 says:

        well,there is a reason for that…and you already know that…she’s bind by contract with BIMA at the moment,and it’s hard for her to maintain her presence at the theater..even if she want it so much…

  9. Tilly says:

    Oh shoot, Stella graduated….

    Guys, kindly check your answer….

    Well anyway, it’s kinda predictable that she would step down from JKT48. Good luck for Stella, I think she already knew what she want to be thanks to JKT48. Thanks for carrying JKT48 in your shoulder in 2 years. It’s quite a long time, Stella and others experienced up and down together.