JKT48 New Single – “Manatsu no Sounds Good! – Musim Panas Sounds Good!”

Pitra Satvika

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  1. Annie Tjia says:

    Congratulation for the launching! I watched their first on air performance on Dahsyat, and it’s really cool! So much better than when they sing KFC, I feel like really wanting to dance with them. It’s a good choice as a single. :D

    • wmlx says:

      That girl is amazing: she ALWAYS looks different from every angle. How does she do that? :?:

      • gorgom says:

        “ALIEN” :lol:

        She’s so beautiful, but my heart still belong to Stella. At least for now. :oops: :lol:

      • ken says:

        Is the place in the promo video Bali? Doesn’t look like it. Can you recognize the place wmlx?

        • gorgom says:

          The MV taken place in Bali and Malaysia…but I don’t the exact location :roll: *source : DVD Behind The Scene*

        • wmlx says:

          Hard to say with a one minute video. Honestly it could be almost anywhere in Malaysia or Indonesia. (It isn’t called the nusantara archipelago without reason :P)

          However the car plates at 0:17 are interesting. They don’t look like Indonesian car plates. AFAIK the “W” series car plates never went to 2 letters in Indonesia. That said, the “P” and “W” series are used in East Java (Jember regency and Sidoarjo/Gresik regency respectively), so make of it what you will.

          While they look like old M’sian car plates (2 letter car plates were phased out in the late 70’s/early 80’s), “PC” is used for Penang, while “WA” (Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur = Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) is a very old Kuala Lumpur car plate.

          Could have been made in Penang or East Java.

          For what its worth, seaside CM’s in Malaysia are usually shot in Port Dickson.

  2. kumamooo says:

    errr.. what is with “all viny photos” there?

    • benimaru says:

      So others will know who is the photographer oshi-member :-D

      But of course your question was not exactly a question right :mrgreen:

    • djt says:

      well that’s because by coincident my sitting position is in front of her blocking so that’s why i take her most. and since this is my first on “media” area, I still not get used to “move around”. Still on “wotagrapher” mode, which only stay on 1 position ^^, thanks for the input and i will try to “move around” so not only “viny” :)

  3. Just add more photos from the press conference. Please visit the Flickr galleries again :)

  4. gorgom says:

    Anyone got the DVD yet? How’s the DVD quality? is it HD quality?
    (is it possible to put hd videos @ 720p/1080p on DVD format? sorry, for such stupid question :oops: )

    • 1!2!3!4! Korosu! says:

      No, you cannot store HD (720p or 1080p) vids on standard DVD (dvd-5, 9, 10, 18). But you can do it on HD-DVD.

  5. benimaru says:

    for some fans, even the trailer already brought out some wild imagination :roll: :roll:

    those girls are grew up now..

    • HERMAN says:

      Wild? Where’s the wild part? Put some bikinis on them, then, we’ll talk something “wild.”
      Look, look, it’s summer and it’s the beach. They should have worn bikinis. Am I expecting too much? *nosebleed*

  6. wotalem says:

    video quality is so good.

  7. emmie48 says:

    I wonder,, is stella still member of JKT48??? why is she still attended various activities JKT48???

    • KageTora says:

      It’d be better if you ask such question in relevant article but to point it shortly : she is still member and she has just announced graduation, not graduated yet. Please comment in relevant article for further discussion.

  8. aldo says:

    there’s been happen a massive leak today
    since the album was out now
    some people decided to upload MV,behind the scene and the whole album
    to video streaming website
    but JOT handle it very well
    Musim panas sounds good has been register for the copyrights
    at some video streaming website

  9. miko says:

    Great photos and article :-P :-P

  10. milanpipo says:

    why no Cindy Gulla again ? :-x :evil:

  11. aldo says:

    i don’t trying being a bitch or whatever
    but for spot as senbatsu was given to Noella
    i mean, cmon! why it has to be her

    • RedRanger48 says:

      1. She has a good voice.
      2. She dances nicely, especially when she became the center on Itoshisa no Defense in JKT48 KIII Stage Boku No Taiyou
      3. She is kind to everyone, not only her fans.
      4. She might have quite a little of fans, but it’s growing
      5. She is good-looking
      6. She never got in the senbatsu before, it’s not like she’s a regular that someone might grew tired of her already
      7. She is fresh.

      I just made up that list out of nowhere and it seems plausible :) . Noella deserves the place.

  12. auronsan says:

    the english version of “manatsu no sounds good” not bad >.<

  13. abaone94 says:

    I fell in love with the MV… quite good and it really left other previous MV’s behind. I also really like how they danced there; natural, relaxed, and weren’t as stiff as in RIVER and KFC. A very major and notable improvement.

    Also, I really like their version of Kimi to Boku no Kankei. It’s on my top playlist right now, and I can’t seem to stop from listening to it :) The 2 chosen members have done a really great job. I really want to see the song performed at the concert!

  14. indr@ says:

    I really like the song Kimi to Boku no Kankei, Melody & Nabilah really did a good job there..

    And for the MV, it is indeed one of the best MV of JKT48 so far,, the single pose scene of every member are very beautiful, my favourites are Dhike and Kinal..

  15. I hope Yona for next senbatsu :-P

    • riejal says:

      wish granted,
      senbatsu member list single JKT48 – Flying Get :

      Team J : Melody Nurramdhani, Nabilah Ratna Ayu, Jessica Veranda, Shania Junianatha, Haruka Nakagawa, Devi Kinal Putri, Ayana Shahab, Sendy Ariani, Jessica Vania, Rezky Wiranti Dhike, Ghaida Farisya
      Team KIII : Cindy Yuvia, Shinta Naomi, Ratu Vienny Fitrilya, Viviyona Apriani, Alicia Chanzia
      first time senbatsu member for Ghaida Farisya, Sendy Ariani, Viviyona Apriani and Alicia Chanzia