JKT48 Handshake Festival – Another Observation

Pitra Satvika

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2 Responses

  1. abaone94 says:

    They should really need to properly brief the “outsource” securities. From what I’ve experienced, I could know that none of the Epicentrum securities really understood the concept of the event.

    The results were bizarre enough; fans went near the booths, the duration of the handshakes were chaotic (my 2 tickets felt like half of a ticket), and there were flocks of fans who gathered around the backstage ^^;

    Also, I don’t really get who is actually in charge of the security platoons. The CASS guys weren’t really around either, so I’m a bit confused at that time.

    They also need to fix the time management. There were too many sponsor messages at the stage and it eats up a LOT of time needed for the scheduled general handshake. I was disappointed when knowing that there were only 2 general handshakes – WITHOUT earlier notice. Maybe if I had known it before, my pink ticket wouldn’t go wasted inside my wallet.

    I really liked the performances, MC’s, the individual handshakes, the JKT48 Corner, and all that. But without efficient timing and crowd management, there’s still things that left me in distaste. I would agree if they planned to use the same concept for the next HS, but please fix the management and securities.

    That is all.

  2. dread_arisawa says:

    when i read this article , i immediately think at last some one think it to , that main stage that separate member booth make a queuing so chaotic , we hardly separate someone that only standing and see to the main stage and someone that queuing for handshake ,but what make me really annoyed is when i tried to buy some food at member booth there are to many fans that suddenly transform into amateur photographer that only stand there , take a picture of member and didn’t buy anything just stand for more than 30 minute i really like to toss my helmet to them :lol:

    i like this concept of all day festival that fans could enjoy see their idol but with to many free riders like pitra said it’s become tiring festival :-?

    and thanks for nice observation pitra