Meet and Greet Charity for Aceh

Pitra Satvika

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5 Responses

  1. Angga says:

    Hoping that the charity will ease the burden on Aceh. Great effort by the girls, officials and the fans. Thank you ACT for handling the refugees. Respect.

    Total donation in USD : Approximately 2180 USD

  2. Bunda Melody and The Holly Stella says:

    JKT48 = girl band K-Pop yang sedang ‘naik daun’

  3. lincoln says:

    Only a single person cannot help disaster suffered, we all need to take part actively. If everyone will donate some amount regularly, then that can be used during such incidents. ACT is doing great job to help suffered by Aceh disaster. There are many charities running by people in different regions, you should donate to any of them. Your donation will help someone.

  4. Kang says:

    Thanks JKT48 :) :wink: