Live Report Show 1 “Introducing JKT48” Concert

Pitra Satvika

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  1. IndoPr0 says:

    yea you reported easily because you’re in the media pit :v

  2. mm says:

    oh my god I want to listen to Jakarta’s version of JKT48 so bad. :o

  3. AnakDekan says:

    I’ll be there also at the center tribune for show 1,maybe we can meet up and watch toghether

  4. Tomo says:

    Um, no camera inside. So nobody can capture the show 1? But I hope someone will up the video on tube very soon. I thinl mobile can get the live image, even though camer is not approved :wink:

    • Actually there’s someone who manage to do a fancam of Overture + Heavy Rotation. I don’t know he manage to smuggle such handycam, since there were 3 times of bodycheck. I can’t put the link here, of course.

  5. Jun says:

    someone already upload yesterday show fancam, only overture+heavy rotation
    cool summer theme seifuku! :)

  6. djt says:

    So because of Yona there you put 1234 Yoroshiku perform with really really great performance. while river only great because no Yona there? :D *kidding bro* but ytd was great, definitely got addicted. different that theater ^^ i wish they perform theater setlist on a concert also, like AKB did before :). regarding Yona slip, only Yona oshi and Hana oshi that seen this i think…. :D why Hanna, because hanna try to help Yona :D (i didn’t see this, but my friend who hanna oshi saw it)

    • Haha, may be Yona slipped because of the maintenance guy who cleaned the floor earlier before the sub unit performs :D

      For me, I’m using my binocular for almost the whole show, that’s why I noticed.

  7. indr@ says:

    Whoa, you will attend all 3 shows? That will be about 1 miliion Rupiah 8-O

    • benimaru says:

      It’s still few days after payroll time :mrgreen:

      Besides, the dude probably single..

      • hihihi .. if you want to know more about what I work for, you may just google my name :)

        Actually I also an OFC member, so for show 1 and 2 I can get each 1 free additional ticket, that I sold to few friends. That makes show 1 and 2 is half of the original price.

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