Short stories from the JKT48 theater (26 and 28 May 2013)


Idol fan from Singapore. Fandom is great. It makes you do all kinds of things, have all kinds of fun, meet all kinds of people and know all kinds of idols.

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  1. djt says:

    wow you got poisoned by Hanna ^^ well, she’s a bit airhead :D and yes KKS is stalker, and my friend got shock at HS with his Oshi(yona), suddenly Yona tell “your name is yyyy right?” he totally surprise “How she know?” ^^; i guess because their follower is not that much, so they can easily read mention from fans :)

  2. razgriz2520 says:

    haha.. I geard that story before.. :lol:
    About the encore where they said something like “Teman-teman, karena kita mau nonton Lay Down jadi kita encore yukk !!” :lol:

    Haven’t been able to watch BnT right now but one day I will watch the show :wink:

    btw.. those Yaranaika faces XD

  3. Japarta says:

    Hello, WasshoiJ san,

    wonderful report!
    I can feel how much you enjoyed JKT world.

    • WasshoiJ says:

      Thank you Japarta-san.
      I hear you are watching theater today too.
      Do enjoy the show!
      And this weekend will be best with handshake, sign event and more.
      Waiting for your comments!

      • Japarta says:


        yes, right now I’m on the way from airport to fx.
        but i’m involved in crazy traffic jam.
        i’m sure i cannot be in time before 18.00, that is the time limit for changing ticket from email.
        although I got a ticket for tonight’s RKJ…

        • Tokyo Pop says:

          Hope you will enjoy nice vacation,or rather,homecoming for you, in Jakarta!
          Good luck!

          • Japarta says:

            Thanks, Tokyo Pop san!
            until now, I met 5members directly in the event.
            Now, I’m going to my final session to shake hands with Ghaida.

            It’s the greatest day for me!

  4. Yup, Haruka looks very happy lately. She become the highlights in JKT48 recent performance, both in TV show or theater..
    Let’s support her, she already did a great job in winning the heart of the Indonesian fans..

    PS: bencong means transgender, I bet half of my salary that the one that taught her that word is the “Evil Queen” Jeje :mrgreen:

    • WasshoiJ says:

      Hahahaha she really get trolled by members!!
      Haruka is great to watch
      Hope the rest of Indonesia will like her too