Queuing for JKT48 River Single


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  1. djt says:

    today… ain’t fun at all, it’s better the first days sale system for hebirote album…. 5hr queue ain’t fun at all… and it’s not because the crowd is too much, but because of the quota system of next HS. the selling should be faster if they not give the HS ticket on the spot … i hope they learn something for this.. man i’m too tired today ….

  2. Haddad says:

    everybody had a mixed feeling for today’s event.

  3. djt says:

    The good things the cd is good…. the bad things, the selling system, the quota system, this is just make the sell slow, didn’t the management think that the crowd for first day sell is big ???? if continue like this, maybe all tenant at 4th floor fx will angry to jkt48, and soon the media will give a bad news for this … first day sale should fast, as fast as they can, because the crowd will be big. so they can manage the queue not became too long

  4. HERMAN says:

    Damn! Look at that! And you said queuing for BLT, Solar or Sembako is excruciating? Man, those JOT’s gentlemen…….they never learnt. I wish I were Twiboy instead.

  5. djt says:

    well the good things is …. the cd content is good ^^ i love it :D but if i need to do like that again to get my cd? i’ll think twice, maybe i just borrow from a friend that buy more than 1 and rip it, next day i just buy the cd :D

  6. benimaru says:

    it took longer to get a CD than a flight to thailand :-D :-D :-D

    there is always 2 side on JOT actions :-? :-?

    well, at least he gave a positive review about the new music vid, which make the effort of Q-ing a bit worthed..

    me personally better wait till disctarra sell it.. (or maybe they have??)

  7. PN03 says:

    is it true the record label company sales target is 500k copy?

    • Buddy says:

      well i don’t know that information true or not . we even don’t know how many heavy rotation copy been sold. indonesia is still new to idol group concept and many piracy too. i hope JKT48 can get platinum (for selling 75k copy). platinum category in indonesia is low because there is many music piracy. PETERPAN now change into NOAH (indonesian group band) hold the record for selling 2.700.000 copy only in indonesia. (not include copy that are sold in foreign countries). maybe the record label company decide 500k copy as sales target for JKT48 not only in indonesia but including foreign countries.

    • anakdekan says:

      Yes according to the media that attended the press conference they targetet 500k copies sold for this single

      about the CD queueing yes it was a mess especially form the line outside the teather (merchandise booth) to inside the teather (the ally to the security check) there’s no fix line like when you queuing up to exchange the tickets so people has to make their own way by ransacking to the front, i queue up for 4 hours to get the CD and it’s worthed because i ended in my Oshi (Rica) and sendy booth and get a chance to talk with them (and a got teased by rica that i should buy more ticket for her,hehehe)

    • Shiba-sama says:

      Well, if that information is true, then I believe their confidence in setting that sales target came from Heavy Rotation sales number.

  8. Man, 4.5 hours of queuing, I hope no one passed out yesterday :-|

  9. WasshoiJ says:

    the life of an idol fan is a lot of waiting and queuing.



  10. hendra says:

    sorry for being OOT or maybe spoiler, but did anyone see nabilah in full MV? for anyone who already see the MV. thx.

    • Angga says:

      I did see the MV in Akicha’s stream yesterday. Nabilah wasn’t there. She had chickenpox back then soo yeah. She’s not there.


      Nadatop said that there are some content change in the CD/DVD, perhaps some last minute change to the PV to include Nabilah? I dunno.