Bima Satria Garuda Teaser


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  1. Tomo says:

    Absolutely Stella will go me crazy. The fantastic teaser. Can’t wait to see Stella’s actions.

    • Buddy says:

      you really have a good eyes tomo san. :lol: i hope other JKT48 member also appear as supporting character in some episode. 8)

      • Tomo says:

        Ohyea! Buddy san. What a nice idea! The one of the other JKT48 members will be guest actor per each episode. Fantastic! Totaly agree with you. What kind of role will be the best for each member? Sometime, the one of eveils? (Oh My!) My delusion never can’t be stopped. Help Me!!!

        • Angga says:

          Hmm Haruka as a far away east princess looking for her brainwashed by VUDO sister played by Akicha. Ghaida as a guest Satria who steals Ray’s changer and lost her powers after a couple of fights.



          • Tomo says:

            Without hesitation. How about Melody as the VUDO Queen. Her beauty became the evil’s beauty. Oh My! So many Melody’s fans will scold me so much. I must runaway from the parallel world!

          • Tomo says:

            So such as “Kuroi Tenshi” mood from Melody. Fun to see some day:)

          • KageTora says:

            I prefer Ghaida to become the next Satria Garuda : Arjuna !
            fact ;
            – Arjuna in Mahabharata epic is Bhima’s younger brother
            – Arjuna’s character in our wayang theatrical performance is always been played by woman
            – He is an Ikemen type, having many wives/consort/lovers

            I think Ghaida fits the role :lol:

            and yes, I agree for Melody being the “Kuroi Tenshi” …

          • Tomo says:

            Uhh..I can’t leave from my delusional stampede! Melody is also kidnapped by VUDO, but she is transformed to the eveil queen by VUDO’s awaful magic! Uh… Please Melo join this project with Stella. It’s OK, the one of the guest star in the series.

          • Tomoo says:

            One Japanese cars trading and sales person visited the motors company that Stella’s family run. But he was the one of VUDO. I act!!! Ho Ho :-P

  2. Haddad says:

    I just hope that RCTI would improve their streaming quality before broadcasting this series

  3. sunred says:

    erm.. fansub anyone? :wink:

  4. razgriz2520 says:

    *justFYI : That “Enemy A” you mention in the article was called Topeng Besi (Iron Mask) :mrgreen:

  5. Orc says:

    It seems that Stella got some fighting scenes as well.

    Can’t wait to see her actions :mrgreen:

    • Tomo says:

      Oh, Did Stella train martial arts? Great! Yeah, agree. I also can’t wait to see her fighting! I want to see her fighting seqence in the drama. I am under the desolution that Stella fights against VUDO, but finally she will be defeated and kidnapped by VUDO. Oh, what a courageable girl she is! Does she love some one in the drama? I am envious…..

  6. aruppa says:

    Aaaaa~ You know, I am a big fan of tokusatsu and seeing this trailer make me scream out loud. For the opening, J-Rocks’ Save Our Soul sounds good to me and RIVER as the Ending Song will be cool. I don’t know if they make their own song since kamen rider series usually make soundtracks and songs by themselves.

    Just guessing, but I think since this series is collaboration between Japan and Indonesia, it’s reasonable to assume that all free JKT48 members (it means school members doesn’t count) had been auditioned for the Rena Iskandar role, including Ghaida. From what I see, Rena character is Ojou-sama type which suites Stella better. And apparently–it’s open for discussion of course–her acting skill still doesn’t fit the main role. But I seriously hope Ghaida will appear at least in one episode.
    I am eager to watch this series. ^^

  7. mitto says:

    It’s quite interesting, but I’m curious to know why Stella was selected.from among members.
    Has she had any experience before in playing a drama or something?
    Anyway, her appearance in this drama might put her on the high road to stardom!
    Good luck, Stella!!
    p.s. personally, I hope ‘Kamen Ghaida “appears once on this TV series.

  8. benimaru says:

    as predict..

    most dude here only wants to watch it because of JKT :lol: :lol: :lol:

    well, still have to appreciate it tho..

    especially because BANDAI PRODUCING THE MERCHANDISE 8-O 8-O 8) 8) 8)

    yes ladies, BANDAI, (unless they trying to do some practical joke there..)

    • I wonder if BANDAI will make action figure of Rena Iskandar? I’m sure it will be sold out in minutes :wink:

      • benimaru says:


        seems they will, consider it is also one of the main character..

        and if they did, don’t be surprised if Rena Iskandar action figurine will have more buyer than the hero figure (consider the fans of her character is a lot mooore than the hero one :mrgreen: )

  9. Tomo says:

    Please advise me. In this teaser, the boy said some things. Did he say “Henshin (Transform)” and 2 or 3 words. I want to know what did he say i Bahasa.

    • ikun00 says:

      hensin / transform in bahasa is ( BERUBAH )

      • Tomoo says:

        makasih:) Did BIMA say some more 2 or 3 words? What did say? Such as “Completed!”?

        • Angga says:

          First is “Berubah!” which is the same with “Henshin!” or “Transform!”

          And then just your oldschool classic way of introducing oneself “Satria Garuda, BIMA!” in the same vein with “Kamen Rider, Super 1!”


          I believe this show took a lot of hints from Showa era Kamen Rider since Kamen Rider Black and Super 1 were the highest ever ratings for Rider show in Indonesia even more than modern Riders :D

          • benimaru says:

            Minami Kotarou is still the best rider bre :mrgreen:

            He’s original.. Original is beast..

            Just some guy with his unusual grasshoper bike.. What could be more badass than that??

            Plus the hand move while he transform (which bima adapt here) made him more badass..

            Unlike these days riders that prefer credit cards to transform..

          • Tomo says:

            Um. Nostalgia. Annga san…When I was child, every Suday morning. I was freezed in front of TV set. Fujioka Hiroshi san…It was 30 minutes (short?) program, as same as Ultra series. BIMA is also 30 minutes program? And I heard this show will be broadcated on Saturday and Sunday. Am I correct? If so, is this (2 shows in weekend) Indonesian standard TV seires broadcasting way?

          • Angga says:

            The standard broadcasting schedule for “kids” show is once a week (well except for Paid satellite broadcast) . The Saturday one is a rerun of the broadcast aired last week (in the case of BIMA) :D

          • Tomo says:

            About the background music (in this teaser). Probably this instrumental tune was prepared especially only for this teaser. But I think I can get some hints about BIMA’s music concept. I can feel something like “Anison (The songs for Anime)”. Do you all feel like so? Or something different? Anyway, I want to hear its theme (opening and closing songs) as soon as possible. I hope Stella sing a closing song as a sweetie ballade :-P

  10. Gonjack says:

    I hope Eyang Subur (Indonesian local shaman) could be one of VUDO allied in one episode that try to kidnaped Stella heart and make her hate Ray, so BIMA could be easy to be defeated, hahahahahaha………………………. (My wild imagination :mrgreen: )

  11. Whoaaa, it’s definitely a nostalgia..
    I realy loved to watch kamen rider black when I’m in highschool (around 10 to 15 years ago)..

    The only problem is, every sunday I have to wake up early now :mrgreen:

    • Angga says:

      Yeesh…waking up early is also not my main forte :|

      • Tomo says:

        Oyeah. Around 10:30AM. I can’t go out for i.e. going to jugg :roll: But it would be a very convenient excuse for me to nap untill 10:30.

  12. PN03 says:

    Analog TV make me in pain

  13. PN03 says:

    Uh oh i want participate in delusional mode : the truth behind Bima mission to save earth, he is an special agent of IMF which not willing to gave up Indonesian energy resource to “other” evil organisation. (cry for gasoline pricing :( )

  14. Angga, you are correct that RCTI will broadcast in analog. Only TVRI and Metro TV have digital capabilities as far as I know. Although there are government plans to switch to fully digital broadcast by 2018, this is likely to be delayed as the trial phase is not yet even completed.

    • Angga says:

      True that. The only way we could enjoy local digital broadcast (for all local channels) right now is through the paid satellite broadcasting (DVB-S). Even that will only gives us (for local channels) SD quality broadcasting with full of artifact aka low bitrate MP4 encoding (and 4:3 Aspect Ratio)

      If only the government doesn’t rely on terrestrial broadcasting far back then….

  15. Gie says:

    I’m still curious about the OST. Backsound in the teaser is pretty good….
    because I have to work when the show aired, hopefully there is upload it on youtube with a good quality, too long to wait for its DVD

    Little use google translate bantuyan

  16. Haddad says:

    now, if only JAM Project would create the soundtrack for this series