[230513] JKT48 in Hitam Putih Live – Translation


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  1. yahya says:

    mas angga, can you help me to translate them in japanese too? please… :wink:

  2. Rosirazer says:

    can you translate this video in indonesian language or english ?

    • Haddad says:

      there’s this youtube user 3939thankyou that seldom translate the video of Akicha from Japanese to Bahasa Indonesia, I’m he’s already working on this video. Just wait for it.

      • Rosirazer says:

        Thanks, i will waiting 3939thankyou posting this video indonesian translete to youtube,

        thank u Gan !! (Forum KASKUS languange in indonesia :) “in english : thanks dude or thanks sir )

  3. ayen says:

    “Deddy : I heard there were those who cried. Is that true?”
    this is the part when i most feel sad…
    why? coz deddy ask this question in front of sendy. didnt u see her expression?
    look at her eyes, look at her bitter smile. she still try to smile even it is so hard, thats what i think.
    ganbare sendy, i’ll always support u…

    • KageTora says:

      Yeah, I noticed that part too … it broke my heart as Sendy-oshi :cry: :cry: :cry:

    • benimaru says:

      that is why stella gave additional comment to defend her :wink:

      don’t know about other fans, but in terms of voice quality, Sendy is the best (even among other 48groups personell..)

      kind remind me of charice 8) their tones almost similiar..

    • HERMAN says:

      I saw that too. Mr.Deddy should not have asked that, should he? That was hurt, I think. Poor Sendy. She is good though….how could she………..hell, I don’t know. I can’t read JOT’s mind. May be it was just like my oldman always says:”Sometimes sh*t happens.”

      • Always Sendy says:

        Hi,I’m Sendy-Oshi in Japan.

        I don’t agree with all you guys. Because the CD ‘RIVER’ is not A song itself. It contains the DVD ‘Making Video Behind the Scenes’ which tells us what Senbatsu means including its lyrics. And it also implies how their (not Senbatsu) future perfomances is to be.

        I mean, 48 groups sometimes show not only their apparent perfomance but their efforts and pains hehind. I think ‘RIVER’ is the most relevant song to them. So,to explain this CD properly, to mention Senbatsu is accurate in this senses.

        Last,we can see a tweet by Sendy ‘Everyday is a struggle..'(May 17th)
        She is not poor but strong.

      • Buddy says:

        This is the member that fail to become senbatsu member in RIVER MV : Sendy, Cindy, Sonia, Frieska, Ghaida, Sonya, and Diasta. Lucky for Sonia because she can appear in RIVER MV replacing Nabilah who was sick. While Cindy, Frieska, Ghaida, and Sonya can go to Japan to perform in budokan replacing Stella, Shania, Ayana and Gaby who busy with other activity and school exam.

        Member appearance (Not senbatsu member only) in TV in 2013 (talk show only)
        1. Sendy = 6 times (Bukan Empat Mata, Hitam Putih (2x), Mel’s Update, Pas Mantab, Coboy Jr show)
        2. Cindy = 6 times (Bukan Empat Mata, Hitam Putih (2x), Mel’s Update, Pas Mantab, Coboy Jr show)
        3. Sonia = 4 times (Bukan Empat Tata, Hitam Putih (1x), Mel’s Update, Coboy Jr show)
        4. Frieska = 4 times (Bukan Empat Mata, Mel’s Update, Pas Mantab, Coboy Jr show)
        5. Ghaida = 3 times (Bukan Empat Mata, Hitam Putih (1x), Pas Mantab)
        6. Sonya = 2 times (Hitam Putih (1x), Mel’s Update)
        7. Diasta = 0

        I think what JOT do to Sendy and cindy is more better compare what JOT do to Diasta. Because they always give Sendy and Cindy chance to appear in TV meanwhile they never give Diasta chance to appear in TV. So if there any Diasta fans in this sites, I think you should ask explanation and complain to JOT. :evil:


        • HERMAN says:

          Was that because Diasta herself very busy with her college?

          • Buddy says:

            Diasta and melody in same situation they both busy with her college and same like others member who live in bandung (Beby, Kinal, Frieska, Ghaida, dan Dhike) they all must go to jakarta and go back again to bandung. :?: The question is why Diasta never appear in talk show while other member who also live in bandung and have to go to college like Melody can appear at least 2 times this year in TV (talk show only). I already check other video when JKT48 appear in bukan empat mata, hitam putih, and pas mantab last year (2012) and i never see diasta ever appear in that TV show but you will see cleo, mova and ochi (former JKT48 member) appear in that TV show. I think by appearing in talk show like bukan empat mata, hitam putih, and pas mantab will make people noticing her more than perform in some music show especially with that always moving camera or super zoom out view. :roll: JOT should give Diasta chance to appear in talk show even if that just once this year. I don’t want to see JKT48 member graduated again this year. :cry:

  4. benimaru says:

    the bald dude seems trying so hard to promote wing chun

    Ip Man rulez o_O \m/

    preety surprised that haruka is actually understand what dedi said (the part that she had no chance competing in AKB :) :) )

  5. Buddy says:

    some member have 2 or 3 handshake session in JKT48 handshake event while others member only have 1 handshake session. Even some trainee have a lot more handshake session than team J member.

    Team J member that have more that 1 session in hand shake event
    3 session : Melody, Nabilah, Shania, Beby, Ayana, Jessica (Ve).
    2 session : Rena, Stella, Aki (Akicha), Haruka, Kinal, Dhike, Sonya, Ghaida, Cindy, Jessica (Jeje).
    FYI again : Aki (Akicha) handshake event canceled

    Trainee/KKS that have more than 1 session in hand shake event
    2 session : Rona (Ayen), Vienny (Viny), Saktia (Via), Cindy (Yupi).

    Sonya, Ghaida, Cindy and even some trainee have a lot more handshake session rather than Gaby, Rica, and Delima who become JKT48 senbatsu member for river single/MV. I’m happy to know that some of trainee have a lot more fans than Team J member who have a lot more time at media compare to trainee. at least their hard work really repaid. :)

    Source : http://jkt48.com/images/hs-schedule02-id.png

  6. I’m so touched when Haruka said that she loves Indonesia..
    She looked so happy during the show, and she managed to counter the host’s jokes very well..

    “Iiiihhhhh jahat, kamu botak..” :mrgreen:

  7. djt says:

    Deddy is really a nice host, but too bad they cut oogoe performance, and also on River they shoot a close up to a wota when “Jadilah nekad dan coba lemparkan” , i think they better focus the camera on the performance like usual …

  8. Always Sendy says:

    My post has been deleted. But it’s ok.

    • Always Sendy says:

      Sorry, I didn’t read this ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation. ‘ .
      Please delete this post.

      • Angga says:

        Haha, that’s okay Always Sendy-san :D . I’m really sorry I kinda late in moderating the comments since I just got back from the theater. So my deepest apologies m(_ _)m

  9. Buddy says:

    it seems kinal become one of his favorite member. :lol: in the video (10.00) deddy corbuzier say that he only know kinal, Shania….in one episode of JKT48 mission Kinal, Shania, Beby, and Haruka learn martial art from him. so the reason why deddy corbuzier likes kinal because she is one of his student.

  10. はるごん says: