[042913] JKT48 in NOTTV “AKB48 no Anta, Dare?”


Just another lazy author for JKT48Stuff whom mainly working with translations and sometimes writing articles about JKT48 with an obvious grammar problem. Was living his life as a JKT48 DD until...

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  1. Buddy says:

    Tanabe Yudai say “starting from today, i’m Ve-Oshi!” congratulation Ve you got new fans. :) I like when MC say “It’s not a problem at all. Don’t say you interrupt our program, but on next time you should say “I’m home”. You’re member of An-Dare, exactly” to Akicha. :mrgreen: Thanks for translate this Japarta san. 8)

  2. Arya Wiguna says:

    Respect to Japarta!
    Thank you very much!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  3. benimaru says:

    can’t stop laugh seeing haruka :lol: :lol:

    she really like to annoy the mc using foreign language :-D

    can someone tell me the names of AKB members that appears in this show (besides Aki)? (btw is not that the dude who came to fx brought them uchiwa?)

  4. Japarta says:

    Good morning, mates!

    Thanks for our comments.
    Wow, you guys are early birds! It’s early morning but you’re already active…

    • Japarta says:

      Sorry for my “Typo”.

      Thanks for our comments —-> Thanks for Your comments

      Because it’s early morning… :mrgreen:

      • Tokyo Pop says:

        Wow,you did a great job,Japarta san!

        • Japarta says:

          Morning, Tokyo Pop san!

          Thanks, this work made me understand how hard you and other guys work for translations.
          but I enjoyed it. :lol:

          • Tomo says:

            Appreciate for Japarta san’s translation work. Coz, they all spoke so fast. Sometimes I could not follow them, JKT48 at Akihabara cafe. I hope many 48 fans in Japan will memolize the names of JKT48 memebers and also hope to hear Japanese JKT48 Fans chant nix with their OSIMEN’s name at JKT’s independent live in Japan near future. If this could be held, defenitely will attend the live and shout my OSHIMEN’s name, “Melo”!!!! aha-ha :lol:

          • Japarta says:

            Hello, Tomo san.

            Yes, right. Actually it took much time to catch Japanese words although I’m Japanese

            Anyway this program is good for both Non-Japanese and Japanese fans, I agree.

  5. Azal says:

    Thank you japarta, for the video translate……awesome.. :mrgreen: l

  6. Japarta says:

    Dear mates,

    Right now, I passed ver Bahasa Indonesia to Angga san.
    Shortly it will be uploaded after Angga san’s edition.


    • Tomo says:

      I think that Melody said the Japanese words such as “Fujiyama”, “Ninja” and “Samurai”. Not “Shibuya”. I remenber they, including Rena visited Shibuya. Oh, Ve? probably said “Harajuku”. I wanted to someone of the members say “Asakusa (DownTown, Tokyo)”. Did they ride Jinrikisha? Coz I am living closer to Asakusa. Are the coments related to this thread? Worry and sorry :oops:

      • Buddy says:

        do not worry tomo san you just write what’s on your mind. let’s share more information so that we can learn together as a fan. according to what I hear melodies say “Samurai”, “Ninja” and “Fujiyama”. Nabilah the one who say harajuku. and Ve said Asakusa. maybe they have to go shopping in your neighborhood. I’m curious to know who is in the top 7 (kami7) between JKT48 member (including trainees) according to JKT48 fans in Japan.

        • Tomo says:

          Pagi, all the commenters di JKT48Stuff. Buddy san. Regarding “Kami7” of JKT48, I think it is the highly difficult question. I’ve never heard any general ideas refered to JKT’s kami7. Then I have to say that each Japanese fan tells each one’s idea about each fan based Kami7. If you want to hear my “Kami7”, I will write around afternonn or evening :lol:

          • Buddy says:

            That’s good Tomo san, i want to know “Kami7″ of JKT48 according to your information in Japan. :) Of course your opinion will not be approved by other fans because every fans will think their “oshi” is better than other member. You can see “Kami7″ of JKT48 according fans from the Philippines in this sites http://www.japanews48.org/2013/04/7-member-jkt48-paling-populer-di.html but that article written in bahasa Indonesia (the article write the survey just temporary / still not finish). Just for your information i cannot prove what they write in that article is fact or not but it make me interest to know who is more famous or popular between JKT48 member in each country.

  7. PN03 says:

    Those AKB member is Amina Sato, Mariya Suzuki and Kana Kobayashi, maybe CMIIW

  8. dama says:

    thanks so much!
    it helped a lot

  9. indr@ says:

    Whoa, Haruka is so unbelievable, she use Bahasa in Japanese TV program #respect

  10. Japarta says:

    this is my message for eyelessdemon san:

    Firstly, I really respect your hard work to insert subtitle for this video, I’m sure it takes time to work for that.

    Let me talk a little bit about the issue.

    In your video with subtitles, you mentioned you’re NON PROFIT UPLOADER. I am also NON PROFIT TRANSLATOR.
    I don’t need any reputation of myself, but it’s enough for me to make friends with JKT fans include you.
    What Angga said is that we should have rule, and respect each other.
    It’s nothing but the things that JKT48 tells us through their activity, I believe.

    That’s all I want to say.
    I respect your courteous message for the issue, and appreciate you directly contacted us.
    We receive your earnest heart.

    • eyelessdemon says:

      thank you very much Japarta san for your forgiveness. But somehow, i still feel guilty about this.
      I promise I won’t do this stupid mistake again ..
      Anyway, thanks again Japarta san, nice to know a kind person like you :).

      but hey, i only made the .srt file. The one who uploaded this subtitled video:
      is not me. It’s by somebody else, & i dunno who he is.
      But at least he credited you for the translation in the video’s description :)