JKT48 in Pas Mantab 04142013 Translation


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  1. Haddad says:

    sorry for a few typing and grammatical mistakes m(_ _)m

  2. ekapen says:

    Just FYI, Ve was singing the Indonesian version of Kuroi Tenshi :)

    • Haddad says:

      ah, yes! At first, I thought it was from Pajama Drive stage since the tune is really familiar, that’s why I can’t find which song it was. I forgot that they’re doing RKJ right now. I’m sorry.

  3. benimaru says:

    please be noted that JKT48 is an IDOL GROUP, and not a GIRL BAND….

    Ghaida, your’e preety straightforward :-D :-D

  4. Tomo says:

    Appreciate for your prompt translation. With Haddad san’s help, I could enjoy this talk show so much. Well, can I say that JKT48 attended many talk shows, especially on Trans TV? Do not RCTI, MCN(wrong?) and Metro have talk shows? And the style of talk shows, from just small impression, you have the shows with back bands and their improvisation. I think that we, Japanese cannot see the style in our nation. Actually, it’s fun and comfortbale for me. On the other hands, just from my small experience, I can feel how the members of JKT48 are so pure, honest and not to be rube up, more shy. Which means they are so “Kawaii:)” In this talk show, the guys’ calls on Nabilah were so frequent. Has she be admitted by many people as Nabilah is highly appropriate to funny talk shows and more OVJ? Sure I know she is talkative. Sure I cannot understand what she said. Anyway, the appearance on these talk shows have been rising up the popularity of JKT48 nationwide. Is my understanding wrong?

    • Haddad says:

      It’s MNC, Tomo-san. While, even though RCTI, MNC, and MetroTV also had a talk show programs, but the segment aimed by those talk show currently didn’t fit the image of JKT48. though, it could change some time in the future. For Nabilah, you could say that she’s most well-known members for people who didn’t know too much about JKT48. And her talkative persona certainly helps to boost it even further. For nationwide popularity, all I could say is that society has began to acknowledged JKT48 as a phenomenon in our entertainment industry.

    • KageTora says:

      TransTV and Trans7 belong to TransCorps media group. Variety and Talk Show are particularly some of their strong points – You can find many others in other articles in this site. Though TransCorps is not the Market share leader, their program definitely have strong TVRatings.

      Such form of entertainment is quite familiar here even before television become dominant form of entertainment, and still exist out there albeit decreasing attendancy.

      IMO, having characters that fits such form of entertainment is important arsenal to boost an idol popularity here. Nabilah is a good example on how it works.

      • Tomo says:

        Thank you, Haddad san and KageTora san. Beneficial explanation I think. Can you all allow me place one or more queries about JKT48’s talk session on some TV talk shows and also on TV music program, such as DahSyat. I hope my question placement does not digress from this sled. I think, in talk session for JKT48, recently Kinal starts to talk at 1st. I suppose the reason is that Kinal is the captain. But at the same time and (or even now), there is a tendency that host or hostess pin pont Melody and Nabila I think. I don’t know my thought is wrong ro correct. Does this fact mean still Melody and Nabila are the most popular members in JKT48? Also for many ordinally citizens in Indonesia?

        • HERMAN says:

          You were right Mister. Kinal is captain, nevertheless Melody is better; meanwhile, Nabilah is the best. We all have already known Melody is center, so it’s understandable and acceptable. And about Nabilah, technically she is just an ordinary member, as in Dhike, Rica, Diasta, etc. Yeah Mister, just an either usual or common member of JKT48……but she is f%&$#n awesome! So, I’d say captain position actually doesn’t look like as cool as it should be, does it? In Indonesian we’ll simply say: “Formalitas doank, Cuy!.”

          @Haddad: A damn long and complicated as hell translation , man. But still, you gave your best shot for us ‘all. Very well done!

        • KageTora says:

          Actually, this site alone has many such video, translated into English and Japanese – fall under ‘Video’ category. Also there is this site compiling all JKT48 video from the very beginning. http://jkt48.web.fc2.com/

          I believe Melody is still seen as JKT48 leader – if not their spokeperson – by publics outside of JKT fandom. The concept of captaincy is perhaps still far from public attention. As you can see, some of the questions given are basic question as if they are still in the process of introduction. I think it is understandable since the concept of “Idol”, “Idol Group”, “Idol that you can meet” is quite ‘foreign’ for most of us here. This lumbering process of introduction is necessary since nevertheless, JKT48 will be part of this society. It’d be better that way, than facing more resistance from those who still have hard times to grasp the concept.

          As for Nabilah, I think she is the fittest face to represent JKT now. She has the character that fit the taste of most people here. While Kinal and Melody and some other members can alternately fill the role of spokeperson, it is hard to see who can fill Nabilah’s role when she’s absent. Perhaps someone from 2nd Generation can.

        • Haddad says:

          Just like what HERMAN said, even though Kinal is the captain, but Melody and Nabilah is still the most well-known members, that’s why the host tends to ask the question to those two. Though, I’m not agree with HERMAN statement about captain position is just a formality, since I believe that the captain position supposedly had more effect to the internal of the groups rather than to the externals and the audience. But, don’t worry. JKT48 is still young.

          • Tomo says:

            Well, I really hope that the many JKT48 appearance on TV talk shows increase popurality among society, not only WOTA and music lovers. I believe the goal of JKT48 is the “national idol”. Let’s go girls!

      • Tomo says:

        Oyea, I forgot to tell you. In this talk show, I was totally shocked when the one of the hosts wearing something like “Kimono(but so dirty wearing)” started to sing “Saran Heyo”. What did scene mean? Why Korean words came into there? Does majority of Indonesia think Korea and Japan a sort of “same” thing? Just 2 cuntries located North part of Asia? Totally different I must say. Moreover, the guest star for the talk show was JKT48. I think JKT48 belongs Indonesian and also the good colaboration of Indonesia and Japan. It is totally difficult for me to grasp the image of this scene that the creative team for this show created. Just want to show “a foreign” thing? I really wanted to ask them to show the reason…

        • KageTora says:

          All those failed impersonations are nothing more than part of the jokes – just like Wendy wearing school uniform. Notice that Sule at the next segment try to sing Chinese song which is a total failure (I hope no Chinese anywhere that feel offended).

          “Saranghaeyo” itself is a song originally sung by Sule – comprising a mixed lyrics of Indonesian, English, Korean, Sundanese, and Javanese. Dede sang it as part of mocking routine between the hosts (just like “Mungkinkah” which is Andre’s former band’s hit) when he is ordered to sing something.

          At this point, since K-Pop and K-Dorama has been so common, some Korean words become familiar and comedians like Sule who target common people use it in his song. I believe when Japanese become more common there will be times where Japanese words can be found in some popular song. In fact some local J-pop band before JKT have use them.

        • HaddadP says:

          Indonesia people is also the victim of those Hallyu Wave. That’s why some korean phrase started to exposed to our people from about two or three years ago. the song that Dede sings actually some mashed up version of the song that Sule sing in the opening part of OVJ that you could see in here -> http://www.jkt48stuff.com/2012/10/opera-van-java-trans-7-translation/
          And, that scene is just for the sake of comedy, since even us couldn’t understand the meaning of the song that Dede sings.

          though some people in Indonesia who lives outside the reach of proper education facility might still failed in differentiating Japanese and Korean culture, but I assure you, the national media in Indonesia is know how to differentiate Japanese and Korean culture. But yeah, some times they ignore the proper presentation just to get things done easier.

          • Tomo says:

            Thanks for your explanation. So I am waiting for the blight future. At first, MediaCom ( media prtner of JKT48 project ) should take efforts to diffrentiate J from K I think. Anyway, I hope the appearence at talk shows and comedy shows etc. can raise the popularity of JKT48 among general residents in Indonesia in order to be “National Idol”. I go with the girls!

  5. anakdekan says:

    The song that Rica sing is Bukan Untukku by Rio Febrian, she sing the opening verse

    • Haddad says:

      that’s what I thought at first since i know the tune of that song, but after searching here and there about the lyrics, I can’t confirm whether that’s really the songs that she sings or not. Since I’m not that familiar with Rio Febrian songs, I’ll let Angga decide it then.