Akicha Brochures for The Election


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  1. sunred says:

    for Haruka, I will support Akicha.

  2. Haddad says:

    is there any way for us who live in Indonesia to support her? I’m sure with just the power of population, we could spread chaos in the election :lol:

    • Angga says:

      Lemme get AkichaIFIJ attention to this question since as far as I know, there are only two choices :

      1. Buy a single
      2. Join the official fan club

    • benimaru says:


      the spirit of bonek..

      count me in :-D

  3. KageTora says:

    HRP of S48 sells voting codes for 800 yen each ( about 80 000 IDR ? One KKS show ? )
    if anyone can explain the detail, I’d like to hear

    Btw, for the sake of saving everything beauty from your craziness, please save 1st place for Mayuyu

  4. indr@ says:

    As haruka said, Akicha is JKT48 representative, so let’s support her.

    And I think I like the idea to spread chaos in the election, if Akicha manage to reach top 5 I think it will have an impact on JKT48 too.

    So, count me in dude :mrgreen:

  5. FIJ aka takumiRB says:

    Regarding the way to vote outside of Japan, as Angga mentioned, 1) buy CDs, 2)be fan club members (AKB, SKE, NMB, HKT), 3) Buy vote ticket alone, no CD by on-line auctions.

    Please be patient for a little while, since 1) it costs, 2) the procedure is all in Japanese, 3) Some of the methods will not work outside of Japan.
    We, with help of other fans, these are being examined.

    Once we found out the feasile, reasonable way to vote, I will let you know.

    Please also check this G+ community- AKICHA-5th election Operation Room:

    • Angga says:

      Thanks for the explanation! We will mostly wait for the updates from you guys for the most feasible way to votes for us overseas :D.

  6. kadenza says:

    I hope JOT will help support Akicha by:
    (1) Selling AKB sousenkyo CD in theater (because the shipping cost is expensive)
    (2) Give tutorial on how to fill the form, and maybe accept the form.

    Go Akicha!

  7. HERMAN says:

    So, are we supposed to just sit calmly and do nothing here, meanwhile, Akicha fights herway up alone in sebantsu? Goddammit Man! There must be something we can do for her. She needs vote-boost from JKT8 fans. If she don’t, I’m afraid she won’t even stand a chance against those famous Kami 7(or ex-Kami7). C’mon, man! Her fight is our fight. It’s called fate.

    • Haddad says:

      Calm down and start saving your money from now man. :lol: so that when the time comes, we could unleash our full power from the start. :twisted:

      Btw, do we allowed to to share some brochures like the one in this post in JKT48 theater? maybe we could start by spreading some awareness to the others.

    • HERMAN says:

      That’s not our sovereignty, I’d say. That’s the JOT’s. We have to try something else.

  8. FIJ aka takumiRB says:

    One recommendation I got from other Indonesian fans are buying CD at this shop.
    May be you know more than I do…


  9. FIJ aka takumiRB says:

    I added some info at


    Pleaae check it out and spread if you can.

    One more thing;
    Akicha election brochure in BAHASA INDONESIA by A J FAN!


    • Haddad says:

      Thank you takumi-san, i’ll be sure to spread this information into various JKT48 Fanbase in twitter. :)

  10. FIJ aka takumiRB says:

    Not finailised yet, but some update down there:


  11. Tokyo Pop says:

    Hi to all the JKT48 lovers!

    Much has been said recently about Akicha’s position and attitude in Indonesia and here in Japan.
    IMHO,I don’t think that Akicha hates Indonesia. On the contrary,she loves Indonesia and enjoy her life in Jakarta very much.

    She knows so much what it is like to be a professional entertainment personality. She contracts with a large entertainment agency in Japan and she is a star here,of course.

    But she will betray no one, a lot of fans in both countries,the AKB family and even her agency. She has to divide her time between Indonesia and Japan. It’s tough and rough for sure, countless round-trip by air, extreme temperatures of Jakarta and Tokyo,but she always takes every order without question. Some of you have come across her negative thoughts on Twitter or G+?

    There is no way she can return home from abroad without learning something in Indonesia, I believe. And I say once again she loves your country as much as Haruka does. But how do I know this? Because I am also a Japanese and read her mind by telepathy!

    • benimaru says:

      aah.. dude..

      if there is an edit button, me suggest you edit the telephaty part 8-O

      we all care for the well being and the future career of Aki..

      but the last sentence in your post, to be honest, looks awkward and ridiculous..

      • Tokyo Pop says:

        Oh,yeah,it’s not good word.
        It’s something like that,benimaru-san

        “in the island nation of Japan where the population is essentially a mono-cultural race, people exhibit a cultural characteristic in which they can make others tacitly understand their thoughts without using many words”

        I got this one from some article on the web,that’s what I mean,sorry!

        • Angga says:

          That’s an okay word Tokyo Pop, nothing wrong with it as it was a figure of speech. It is just that cross cultural conversation using English as a medium sometimes could create misunderstanding.

      • Angga says:

        And that is what I called a figure of speech in different culture mate :)

        I believe it doesn’t literally means “telepathy” but more to “(I believe) we both have the same way of thinking since we are both are Japanese to begin with”

    • HERMAN says:

      Akicha is a good girl. I believe he’ll do her best for us. I believe she won’t just leave us behind. Nevertheless, that’s just my thoughts because i don’t have mind scanning ability like Prof. X does. But, at least, that what i choose to believe.

  12. Rifqi says:

    Looks like it is not only me who have the same thought of power-voting Akicha. COUNT ME IN!

    P.S: I like the phrase “spread chaos in the election” :twisted: . Let the full power of Indonesian fans bring Akicha upwards!

  13. FIJ aka takumiRB says:

    Just FYI

    I posted the info of 5th election vote, please check, correct, add and spread.