Team K3 eh …?


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  1. HERMAN says:

    Some said with a bit of luck they’ re ready to kick a bit of ass, but some other said they aren’t. Anyway, if team K is attested to be assembled, personally, I really hope soon they’ll get the chances for regular appearance on TV as much as Team J usually does. Not just be such a “ban serep” like KKS used to be. Poor KKS, they had beauty, they had skill, they had tenacity, they had…..everything, but all they got is merely critism, critism, and critism……

    • Djt says:

      Totally agree with you man, sometimes i feel sorry to kks, they already do their best but still people look down to them… Tbh the kks show audiance is only “half” of team j audience but guess what the kks still perform the show with high spirit and make the audience also chant in full spirit. Last time team j have audience like kks now which is arround mid october 2012, they loss spirit. And the audience also feel bored. I remember Melody said “why so quiet ….” To the audience that time …. And this never happen when i saw kks show. The audience always in high spirit because they make the audience spirit high with their performance

      If you ever watch kks show lately you’ll know that they ready to take the next step.

    • HERMAN says:

      Yeah…. I’m sure they’ll be…….indisputably they will be…..

  2. hendra says:

    in my oppinion this is JOT strategy to make stronger fanbase for kks and make motivation for member kks to strugle harder.. maybe JOT see that kks has less effort lately,, so this is some kind of boosting motivation for them hahaha.

    • Djt says:

      Agree for your first tought but on kks not struggle enough, i wanna ask you 1 question, when last time you watch kks show? Please watch it again next week and after that please write down your comment again ;)

    • Haddad says:

      I agree partially with both @djt and @hendra opinion. I think this is what exactly the JOT trying to sell to people in Indonesia, the “Drama” behind the process of achieving a dream by the girls. I don’t have anything to say about the KKS performance since the last KKS performance I saw was in January, but I think the KKS already hit the “20k” gap that previously been discussed in the articles on this site. That’s why the KKS need something different to “sold” to the fans, and in our country who doesn’t like dramas? And I’m sure this drama is not only targeted to the existing fanbase but also to the bigger audience to show that JKT48 really have something “different” from any other bands and groups in our entertainment industry.

      • djt says:

        i just hope for KKS member that not passed to team K not give up and still try to pass to team T later on.

  3. PN03 says:

    Great, KKS entering death-mach mode. I don’t know how its kks member feel for whose not able entering team K 8-O

  4. I think the announcement from JOT for the forming of team K is a good idea. It will create competition between the Trainee members, even better if the fans can participate in the process, like mini senbatsu election or something like that.

    So, let the hunger games begin :mrgreen:

  5. djt says:

    hmmm i got news that the audience that watch today show is …… 30 people
    poor KKS, i think JOT really need to do something so this girls got some exposure… tbh it’s not they not perform good, they good they enthusiastic, but too bad fans only look to team J ….
    it said that some member cried when perform shonichi. Ganbatte KKS!! don’t give up

    • HERMAN says:

      Why would they cry, anyway? Was it because so many empty seats on their show, I presume?

      • Djt says:

        Yup, and today show is full, and some fans see them cry when sing boku no sakura, maybe they over joy for today show. And they also give some “gift” to fans when hand shake

    • Haddad says:

      I don’t think we should blame this entirely to JOT for not giving enough exposure to the girls. I think we as a fans also have our share to be blamed for this. It’s because of our negligence in informing our fellow fans about the condition of KKS show that this kind of thing happened (and maybe will keep on happening). We came to theater because of the AKB48 name/our Oshi/entertainment they offer, but it’s their performance that keeps us coming constantly. It’s true that the KKS didn’t performed very well few weeks ago and maybe that made some fans think that the KKS aren’t yet worth 80k rupiah of their pocket, and decided to not to come again until they getting better. But hell, I believe the KKS did getting better. And here comes our part, maybe doing live tweets at every show is kind of homework, but it’s enough with just one tweet or one post in a forum and say we should come and watch the KKS show once in while.

      ps: I admit, I’m also responsible for not watching their show in the past two months. :oops:

  6. mano haruka says:

    concerning hkt’s 2nd members have been working for long as well,then who will take the lead in acquiring the “Team KIII” title :roll:

    • Djt says:

      Maybe they think jkt is more need team k rather than hkt. Since jkt is the only 48 groups in Indonesia while in japan there’s akb, ske, nmb, and hkt. Well that imo…

  7. marky says:

    For me personally..I always see team j going to these lives events and stuff its always been team j team j team j im kinda bored with them now…all i want is to see a kks member or more to perform by them not by behind them like the mega concert thing. At least take 2 kks members like yona (my oshi) :mrgreen: or another pushed kks member . I wanna see them performing by melody and shania or who ever is center at a show to let fans know “hey these are the kks aces watch out for them” TO EVEN THE POPULARITY OUT. I mean like akb , ske , nmb and even hkt has been doing this ever since they have the 2nd gen members.

  8. Tazawa Kenzi says:

    Team of only second generation will fail
    The team K set to half the team J
    In the second generation the lack of J and K

  9. Rifqi says:

    You can expect the 2nd generation’s popularity to go up when team K is formed. Right now, with their status as trainees, it is logical that the management will ‘train’ them only at the theater until they are considered ready for promotion.

    Honestly speaking, I have to admit that their dances are magnificent, but I’m still not interested that much in KKS. They lacked ‘something’ that makes team J far more superior. They are… interesting individually but not as a team.

    That’s all.

    • benimaru says:

      it’s like comparing barcelona and madrid..

      in term of individual skill, madrid still superior than barcelona (cr is better than messi, that is fact..)

      but when you see barcelona plays, they seems to say “..come here to the field, come play football with us..” and that what’s make them the best..

      agree with you though, in term of performance, gen 2 indeed better (maybe because they’re still fresh, and still no other schedule beside theater which make them more focus).. but when gen 1 perform, they can make you stick to your chair and they seems to say, “..come have fun with us ”

      just me personal opinion.. feel free to disagree..

  10. zakky says:

    speaking of KKS member performing with team J…noella once performed with team J at Opera van Java,she did great there she blended in with the team as if she was already a part of team J… and rona was there too as a back up for Ve i think (cmiiw)