JKT48 Hitam Putih 20130206 Translation


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  1. Djti says:

    Tbh so far this is the best talk show that jkt48 ever attended. Nice job Deddy, you are great ^^b

  2. benimaru says:

    That bald dude is becoming more and more like Mario Teguh..

    zalam khuuper..

    Well, nevertheless, took me hat off for him for giving courage to the girls at the haters part..

    • HERMAN says:

      Once again, I believe this dude (Who was participated in King of Fighters series, I presume?) was absolutely right. Mr. Deddy is what you get when you take bits of Mr. Mario, make it taller, thinner, and slap on a high capacity “gothic” make up. (Okay, you right. The real process may a bit more complex than that). But the end result is a great person with great multiple talents and decent wisecracking mind. And, yes, good advices for the girls about how to deal with the haters. Nice advices Mr. Deddy, that can’t be better.

  3. KageTora says:

    I think it worth noted that
    – in addition to Angga description about Rhoma Irama and Farhat Abbas, both guys are preparing themselves for presidential cancidacy. Considering their notorious reputation, this become some sort of laughing stock.
    – pocong is a manner by which moslem treat their deceased ones, by wraping the body in shroud before putting them in grave.
    — pocong then become one of the ghostly apparition of deceased ones leaving unfinished business behind.
    — sumpah pocong is some traditional vow in which participants doing it while wrapped in shroud like pocong. — Farhat Abbas lately stated that he will do sumpah pocong if he is chosen to become the next president to ensure himself not doing corruption. This too become some another laughing stock considering Abbas’s notorious reputation. Sumpah pocong itself is a sacred one, but Abbas simply doesn’t fit in it. Deddy himself can’t do that since as far as I know, he is a non-moslem.

  4. NN says:

    The best “hitam putih” that ever I seen, Dedi such a “philosopher MC”, smart, sharp and pana-sonic * the latest word just a joke :-P *, he reminds me of Sherlock Holmes of The Shadows Game

  5. xzerozero says:

    every comment i read here, youtube either fans tweets, it’s all the same…
    i think JOT should present their self to TransCorp

  6. I think this is the best talk show about JKT48..
    Good job Deddy, you are such a great host with many motivating and encouraging words.. *thumbs up

  7. Tomo says:

    What is a merit of attending this talk show “Hitam Putih”? Is this talk show watched by so many people nationwide? Does this attending bring huge favor from the audience in Indnosia? In Japan, if a movie or TV star ro singers are invited to “Tetsuko No Heya(Ms. Testuko’s room, an interview TV show)” as a guest, he or she is eveluted as the most popular entertament artist. Does such an effect exist when JKT48 attended Hitam Putih? TRANS7 is an inpendent TV station, not a subsidiary of Media Com? Please remeber I donot critisize this show.

    • benimaru says:

      well, me don’t know wether it will bring huge favor from indonesia audience..

      but appearing in tv show (whatever the show is), is also an advantageous act of promoting themself nationally..

      maybe you already knew this, but indonesia music market is still heavily influenced by k-pop, JKT can be a tool to balance the k-pop effect (they have new concept, they cheerful song is more favorable, they have certain rules that make fans respect the more, list goes on)..

      “hitam putih” is a common talkshow, they invited not just artist or celebrity, but also common people (office workers, pedicab drivers, construction roughneck, etc).

      plus, since it is aired after office hours where most of indonesian tv station aired many cheap and low class tv “drama”, hitam putih is a good alternative show to watch by most salaryman, such as me :)