JKT48 Debut Album “Heavy Rotation” Finally Launched!

Sergio Mario

Just that average Indonesian guy with a very big dream and Imagination in his mind. Call me anything you prefer, but my friends know me as Gio. ~Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~

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  1. KageTora says:

    Perhaps you can include the bonuses :

    Type A :
    Regular Handshake Ticket, Special Post Card, Photo and Message from JKT members (random)

    Type B :
    Janken Card, Special Post Card, Individual Handshake Ticket

    • Sergio Mario says:

      Ah right. Will do it shortly
      Thanks :)

    • anakdekan says:

      The individual handshake only applies for those who buy the CD at the theater form 16th February untill sold out, and both types will be sold at your nearest CD store starting 2nd March

  2. PN03 says:

    Regular and individual handshake ticket is different? :-|

    • anakdekan says:

      for Regular Handshake, you won’t get a chance to pick a particular member (You maybe get a ticket for a member whose not your oshi), but for the indivdual ticket you can pick your oshi

    • KageTora says:

      check this out : http://jkt48.com/about/handshake?lang=id

      oops sorry, I didn’t notice it is in Bahasa Indonesia LOL. Here’s the fast translation

      Regular Handshake Event

      Regular Handshake Event is an event for Regular Handshake Ticket holder inserted in the CD album type A (CD + DVD Rp99.000).

      Anyone who has this ticket is entitled to participate in the handshake event, and can choose to queue up in the path of the members that are present on the day. No election of a member prior to the event. Information on schedules, places, etc. participating members will be announced approximately one week prior to the event.

      “Regular Handshake Event” is an event for fans who came from far away, for those who can often be difficult to come to the theater, or want to know what kind of JKT48 members.

      Mini games will also be held as part of the event, so that visitors can get to know more in JKT48.

      Individual Handshake Event

      Individual Handshake Event is an event organized for the people who buy the CD version of Theater sold in the JKT48 theater. The person can choose one member to handshake. Basically, all members and trainees J Team will participate but the distribution by day.

      This is the event for the fans who have known JKT48 and members a place where they can meet and speak directly with the member.

      For those of you who want to find oshimen or already have oshimen, Individual Event Handshake is the most appropriate.

  3. sunred says:

    any guide on the most convenient online store to get these CDs for overseas fans?
    I checked Rakuten Indonesia, and their credit card payment system can be rated from weird to dodgy.

    • Chris says:

      I heard that rakuten don’t ship overseas, and neither do nadatop.
      You might be able to buy the CD through someone who can help shipping it overseas.

      • sunred says:

        ah..ok… too bad.
        limited access to overseas buyers will limit this initial cover-album’s impact.

        shame, shame…

        I hope they can improve this supply chain management in the future.

    • Angga says:

      You got your card rejected? Got a friend of mine and her international card rejected by the system.

      The system was intended to also accepted international order, I really don’t know why it rejects international card user. They also already have MaxMind implemented and I really can’t see any reason why they rejected international cards.

      • sunred says:

        yeh, for some reason the order couldn’t be completed.
        I ran through Google translate that they’re doing some sort of off-line verification regarding the card holder’s details.
        so weird these days.

        why don’t they have paypal as one of their payment backend option? too weird.

  4. PN03 says:

    I will buy two type anyway!!!!

  5. xzerozero says:

    ahh.. maybe i just buy the CD

  6. HERMAN says:

    Oh maaaan! Just ten songs? Where the hell are the rest of them?